•                                        MONTGOMERY COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION


                                                                        January 11, 2016


         The Montgomery County Board of Education convened in its regular monthly meeting on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. Board members present were Steven W. DeBerry – Chair, Tommy Blake – Vice Chair, Jesse Hill, Ann Long and Sandra Miller. Bryan Dozier and Shirley Threadgill were absent.

         Chairman DeBerry called the meeting to order and moved to adopt the agenda as shown. With a motion by Ann Long and a second from Sandra Miller, the agenda was adopted as presented.

         Chairman DeBerry opened the meeting with a devotional for the New Year. The devotion included the poem, I Will by SE Kiser. It reads: I will start anew this morning with a higher, fairer creed; I will cease to stand complaining of my ruthless neighbor’s greed; I will cease to sit repining while my duty’s call is clear; I will waste no moment whining and my heart shall know no fear. I will look sometimes about me for the things that merit praise; I will search for hidden beauties that elude the grumbler’s gaze. I will try to find contentment in the paths that I must tread; I will not be swayed by envy when my rival’s strength is shown; I will not deny his merit, but try to prove my own. I will try to see the beauty spread before me, rain or shine; I will cease to preach your duty and be more concerned with mine.

        Chairman DeBerry called on Troy Elementary students David Tofflemeyer and Hayleigh Haywood to lead the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. 

        Page Street Elementary Employees of the Month are Lane Prince, Certified and Regina Thomas, Classified. Principal Sharon Castelli described Mrs. Prince as “a true leader in the school” and “a nurturing teacher”. Mrs. Castelli stated that Mrs. Thomas “is a phenomenal support system in the school who doesn’t mind helping where needed”.

         Cristina Naugler from West Montgomery was the 2015 Christmas card winner. Her drawing of a Christmas tree with decorations, received the highest votes from the staff. Cristina accepted a certificate and a check for fifty dollars from Dr. Ellis.

          Chairman DeBerry asked for a motion to approve the consent agenda as submitted. With a motion by Tommy Blake and a second by Sandra Miller, the board approved the consent agenda unanimously. The following items were approved:

    1)     Board Minutes from December 7th, 2015;

    2)     Personnel and Auxiliary Reports as follows:

       a.    Upon the recommendation of the principal, approval of the following additions to the

              substitute teacher list:

               Noncertified                            Recommended By                Record Check

    1)    Anita Munoz                               Della Ingram                           Yes

    2)    Sheila Ford Jones                     Sharon Castelli                        Yes

    3)    Kimberly Cagle                         Donna Kennedy                       Yes

    4)    Esther McDonald                     Angie Tofflemeyer                      Yes

    5)    Beth Bailey                              Donnie Lynthacum                     Yes

    Certified                                   Recommended By                Record Check

    1)    Laura McCammon             John Beard                             Yes


    b.    Superintendent reports the acceptance of the following resignations/retirements:

    Resignation/Retirement        School/Assignment              Effective Date  

                 1)    Garry Marshall                      Central Office                          01/30/2016
                       Retirement                           Maintenance
                 2)    Laura Cosner                      East Middle School                   01/01/2016
                      Resignation                         Music Teacher
                 3)    Sandra Stone                       Mt. Gilead Elem.                       01/08/2016
                      Resignation                           K-6 Teacher
                 4)    Sarah Blanton                   East Middle/East Mont.                02/07/2016
                       Resignation                             ESL Teacher


    c.    Upon recommendation, approval of the following interim contracts for the 2015-2016 school year as provided by General Statute 115C-325

          Employee/                            School/                                 Record

                  Effective Date                      Assignment                            Check               Replacing 
              1)    Cheri Gibson                       Troy Elementary                          Yes                 Sabrina Gooch
                    1/19/2016                          1st Grade Teacher
               2)    Cheryl Hudson                   Troy Elementary                        Pending            New Position
                     2/08/2016                            Pre-K Teacher


    d.     Upon recommendation, approval of the following temporary contract for the 2015-2016 school year

     1)    Alex Lemons                 West Middle School                  Yes

    01/11/2016                    Band

    e.    Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for employment of the following non-certified personnel:

      Employee/                          School/                              Record

             Effective Date                    Assignment                       Check              Replacing

    1)    Lachern Horne           West Middle School                Yes

    12/15/2015                 METAL Assistant


    2)    Crystal Thomas          Page Street Elementary         Yes                 Brenda Robinson

    11/16/2015                 P/T Teacher Assistant


    3)    Courtney Sheffield      Green Ridge Elementary        Yes                Curt Hancock

    11/30/2015                  EC Support/PT


    4)    Ellen Roose                 Mt. Gilead Elementary           Yes

    1/06/2016                    PT Tutor


    5)    Enchantria Smith         Mt. Gilead Elementary           Yes                Barbara Crump

    1/04/2016                     PT Teacher Assistant


    6)    Kenston Scott              Montg. Learning Academy     Yes                Tremenia Wall

    12/16/2016                   PT Teacher Assistant


    7)    Laura Richardson        Page Street Elementary         Yes                Crystal Thomas

    1/04/2016                    PT Teacher Assistant


    8)    Esther McDonald         Troy Elementary School         Yes               

    1/04/2016                     PT Tutor


    9)    Jantzen Gooch            Troy Elementary School         Yes

    1/05/2016                      PT Tutor

    f.     Report of the following transfers:


    Effective Date            From                                  To                                    Replacing

     1)     April Greene        Page Street Elem.         Central Office                    Shannon Robinson

    11/09/2015           Teacher Assistant          Front Desk Receptionist

     2)    Brenda Livingston East Middle School      West Montgomery High     Jessica King

    12/7/2015               Bookkeeper                  Bookkeeper

     3)    Rachel Haywood    Star Elementary           Star Elementary                 Bernie Hill

                11/20/2015             PT Custodian               FT Custodian

     4)    Tremenia Wall       Montg. Learning Aca.    East Middle School           Brenda Livingston

                                  Teacher Assistant          Bookkeeper

     5)    Melinda Greene    Troy Elementary            Troy Elementary               Christy Bartley

    1/04/2016               PT Child Nutrition           FT Child Nutrition

     6)    Shea Walter           West Middle School      Troy Elementary               Ann Parsons

    1/08/2016              EC Teacher                   EC Pre-K Iti. Teacher   

     7)    Sabrina Gooch      Troy Elementary            Troy/Page Street Elem.   Candice Brasington

    1/21/2016              1st Grade Teacher          ESL Teacher

     8)    Kendall Greene      East Montgomery         West Montgomery High    Blair Johnson

    1/8/2016                 Dance Teacher             Dance Teacher


    g.     Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for

       employment of the following bus driver/sub drivers:


         Robert Dakota Dunn              Bus Driver                   Yes


    h.    Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for

     employment of the following bus driver/sub drivers for the 2015-2016 school year that are

     not dual employees:

          Kevin Blalock                         Bus Driver                   Yes


    Upon recommendation, approval of the following student transfers is requested for the 2015-2016 school year.

                             Randolph County Schools to Montgomery County Schools

    1)    Sandra Alejandria Alston

    2)    Lakyah Maria Alston

    3)    Jerome Dumas

    4)    Juan Pablo Munoz

    5)    Johanna Register

    6)    Jackson Register


                            Moore County Schools to Montgomery County Schools

     1)    Samuel T. Lopez

    2)    DaMareon Leon Dockery

    3)    Caleb Beane

    4)    Zachary Beane

    5)    Austin Sadler


    Gaston County Schools to Montgomery County Schools

     1)    Lluvia Lopez


    Out of State to Montgomery County Schools

     1)    Queniya Marie Inellus

    2)    Anthony Ray Ward

    3)    Ashlee Starr

    4)    Ashton Ryan Starr

    5)    Arielle Graham

    6)    Cole Robertson

    7)    Nikki Robertson

    Upon recommendation, approval of the following Montgomery County School students for early graduation is requested.

                             West Montgomery High School

     1)    Waylon Andrews

    2)    Caleb Cesaro

    3)    John Paul Greene

    4)    Jared Morton

    5)    Sophia Frettoloso

    6)    Kacy Haithcock

    7)    Tiffany Hartis

    8)    Brandi Khan

    9)    Mollie Lee

    10) Cristina Naugler (Differentiated Diploma)

    11) Briana Smith

    12) Lilly Yang

    13)  Chase Privett


    East Montgomery High School

     1)    Natalia Velasco

    2)    Rebecca Boggs

    3)    Yaleen Gonzalez

    4)    Marili Hernandez Marinez

    5)    Fausto Huerta

    6)    Zane Grey

    7)    Jonathan Loflin

    8)    Ricardo Morelos Garcia

    9)    Orbelin Gonzalez Jaimes

    10) Jessica Oliver Leon

    11) Dashia Reza

    12) Leticia Solis-Rodriguez

    13) Dakota Spivey

    14) Dillion Spivey


    Montgomery Learning Academy

     1)    Kriztian Perlata

    2)    Samantha Parker

    3)    Tyler Patterson

    4)    Andrew Davis


            3) 2015-16 Facility Needs Survey.

             Angie Tofflemeyer, Principal and Pebble Byrd, Teacher at Troy Elementary discussed Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is an effective way of rewarding good behavior in all areas of school and is used in the classroom, cafeteria, hallway and even restroom area. There is a matrix posted in each classroom with listed school-wide expectations. Students earn tickets to purchase prizes. Prizes consist of having a “good” note sent home to parents, eating lunch with a friend or getting a homework pass. A data comparison shows the program is working for Troy Elementary. Last year, there were forty-seven office referrals. This year, only eighteen. Last year, there were twenty bus suspensions. This year, eleven. The staff plans to improve upon the program each year so that all students stay engaged and excited about the incentives. The PBIS team also plans to attend a model school and schedule the Module II training, to take the program to the next level.         

              Superintendent Ellis presented the 2015-16 Central Office Survey results. The survey was sent to all staff via email for completion online. Overall, the feedback was very positive, but if a reason was listed for a below par score, the information was shared with the department supervisor. Survey results will be used to expand the quality of services received in each department.   

             Kevin Lancaster, Deputy Superintendent, discussed redistricting options. Redistricting would affect existing students Pre-K through fourth grade. Option 1 proposes that students north of highway 24/27 go to Star Elementary, while Brutonville area students travel to Candor Elementary. This option would move thirty-seven students from Green Ridge Elementary to Star Elementary and fifteen students from Green Ridge to Candor Elementary. Option 2 would extend the Star district south of highway 24/27 to Mill-Hunsucker Roads and extend Candor district north to Candor-Troy Road area. This option would move eighty-seven students from Green Ridge to Star and thirty-four from Green Ridge to Candor.  It would also allow for future growth.  Option 3 proposes that there be no change in district lines, but relocate and share staff. This plan would involve reviewing the Green Ridge employee allotment to decide if hiring staff would be feasible. Also required would be the sharing of staff such as exploratory teachers, nurses, behavioral specialists and teacher assistants. Dr. Lancaster stressed that these were options to consider. A meeting is scheduled for February 11th at 5:30pm at Green Ridge Elementary to discuss the options with the community.    

              Dr. Lancaster presented the 2016-17 Montgomery County School calendar for approval. He stated that the calendar has been met with a lot of resistance across the state, but with strict guidelines, there is no “wiggle room”. Christmas break will be shorter next year and in the event of snow days, we would be looking at Saturday school or extended school days. Dr. Lancaster asked for approval of the calendar as presented. With a motion by Sandra Miller and a second by Ann Long, the board approved the 2016-17 calendar unanimously.                  

              Kevin Lancaster continued by asking for approval of the following policy changes. These policies were reviewed at the December board meeting. Policies include: 1010 Board Authority and Duties; 1100 Governing Principles; 1200 Governing Principle-Student Success; 1510/4200/7270 School Safety; 1720/4015/7225 Discrimination; Harassment and Bullying Complaint Procedure; 2120 Code of Ethics of School Board Member; 2121 Board Member Conflict of Interest; 2123 Board Member Opportunities for Development; 2300 Board Meetings; 2341 Quorum; 2400 Board Policies; 3000 Goals and Objectives of Educational Program; 3320 School Trips; 3430 School Improvement Plan; 3540 Comprehensive Health Education Program; 4000 Focus on Students; 4270/6145 Concussion and Head Injury; 5000 Schools and the Community; 5070/7350 Public Records-Retention, Release and Disposition; 5120 Relationship with Law Enforcement; 6000 Support Services; 6120 Student Health Services; 6420 Contracts with the Board; 6420 Pre-Audit Certification; 6430 State Purchasing Requirements for Equipment, Materials and Supplies; 7100 Recruitment and Selection of Personnel; 7405 Extracurricular and Non-Instructional Duties; 7810 Evaluation of License Employees; 7920 Reduction in Force/Teachers and School Administration; 8000 Fiscal Goals; 8100 Budget Planning and Adoption; 8510 School Finance Officer; 9000 Planning to Address Facility Needs; 9120 Bidding for Construction Work; and 9220 Security of Facilities. Ann Long made the motion to approve the policies with Tommy Blake seconding the motion. Approval was unanimous by the board.

               Policy code 7430 concerning substitute teachers was submitted for first reading and will be presented for approval at the February meeting.       

              Superintendent Ellis submitted two dates to the board for the annual mid-year review. The board requested Tuesday, February 23rd at 5:30pm as the preferred date.   

              During his Superintendent Remarks, Dr. Ellis continued by saying he had visited several schools since returning from the break. The staff expressed that they enjoyed their break, but were excited to be back and begin first semester testing. Dr. Ellis said, “We have a lot of work to do, but our folks are up to the challenge. I’m looking forward to a great semester”.

               Chairman DeBerry then asked for a motion to adjourn and move into closed session. With a motion by Sandra Miller, and a second from Jesse Hill, the board unanimously approved going into closed session to discuss personnel.

                After returning from closed session, Chairman DeBerry asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. With a motion by Sandra Miller and a second by Tommy Blake, the meeting was duly adjourned.  

               The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, February 1, 2016 at 6:30 pm.




                __________________________                       __________________________

                Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman                          Dale Ellis, Ed. D., Secretary

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