MCC/CTE Partnerships

  • Students Traveling to MCC:

    1. Before leaving campus, students should come get their ID tag from the board in the office. Upon returning to campus, students must place their tag back on the board. If the tag is not returned (indicating the student is back on campus), he/she will be treated as if they are skipping. If the tag is lost, please contact the front office immediately. Students with first periods at MCC may come get their tag as they leave in the afternoon.
    2. Early Release days: Students that have a 1st or 2nd period class at MCC will ride the bus/drive to MCC and attend class as normal. Students with a 3rd or 4th period class will not attend class at MCC that day. MCC instructors are required to provide those students with an alternate assignment to complete in place of class. Students will not be penalized for the absence. If students do not have to attend an MCC class, they should report to the Distance Learning Lab on the WMHS campus for that class period unless their driving permission forms indicate parent permission for them to go home. Students who drive always have the option of attending class at MCC even if it is an early release day. 
    3. Inclement Weather: Students will be following the MCS policy for early release or delays in the case of inclement weather.  In the case of delays, students will not attend 1st and 2nd period classes at MCC and will instead complete an alternate assignment to receive credit for attendance. 3rd and 4th period classes will attend as normal. In the case of an early release, it will work just like a scheduled early release day as much as possible. Again, students will not be penalized if they miss an MCC class and will be provided with an alternate assignment from their instructor.
    4. Schedule Conflicts: There are days when MCC is not in session but MCS Schools still operate. During these times, students are still required to attend WMHS and will be monitored by instructors there. For example, during MCC’s Fall Break, students will be expected to attend WMHS during their normal MCC periods and complete missing work, advanced work, or test preparation materials. Please refer to the MCC calendar on the MCS Homepage for these dates.
    5. Student Drivers: Students that drive themselves to campus must have a driving permission form completed by a parent or guardian. Transportation to MCC Permission Form

    At all times, we want our students to feel safe. If students run in to an emergency or delay, they should NOT try to call the school while still driving. They can sort out the delay upon their arrival to campus.