• East Middle School 

    2019-2020 School Improvement Team 

    Principal:  Della Ingram 

    Assistant Principal:  Emily Dunn

    Instructional Facilitator:  Jeanne Black 

    Math:  Colin Peters/ Barbara Streeter  (goal team chair) [8/22/2019]

    Reading:  Carol High (goal team chair) [8/22/2019]

    Social Studies:   Kristin Beck(goal team chair) [8/22/2019]

    Science: Yana Stevenson (goal team chair) [8/22/2019]

    Exploratory:  Kesha Collins [8/22/2019]

    Certified Support:  Elise Smith  (Timekeeper/Co Chair) [8/22/2019]

    Classified Support:   Delores Mauldin [8/22/2019]

    Guidance Counselor: Mandy Lucas, (Co Chair) [8/22/2019]

    Parent: Nicole Callahan [9/11/2019]

    Principal's Appointee:  Sharon Swanke [8/22/2019]

    [date of election to the School Improvement Team] 

Last Modified on October 1, 2019