•  Grading Policy:
    • Due to not having a math textbook, your child is creating an Interactive Notebook.  Please ask your student about this book and review it with them nightly.  Anything we are going over in class is explained in the notebook.  It is to be studied every night and used everyday to complete work assigned.  It will be checked from time to time for a grade.  (Once we are back in class, silent lunch will also be given on days they do not have it with them)l


    •  We discussed how there is so much to learn this year and that we cannot remember it all at one time, so I encourage them to study three nights worth every night.  They also will be taking two column notes, known as Cornell Notes, to use as a study guide. They can be found behind the math tab in their three ring binder  (Quizzes and tests will be given at the end of each unit and recorded in PowerSchool every Monday by 9 am as well as any other assignments).
    • Know that homework is given on a regular basis in math, including Fridays.  It is a practice for what we learned in class that day, so it is a nessecity.  However, though everything will be looked over for comprehension and completion, not all of it will receive a grade.  By completing all work, I will know where to help your child (so all work must be shown and worked out-no calculators unless instructed to do so by teacher) and it will let me know where I need to go next.   
Last Modified on August 12, 2020