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    Enrollment Forms
    Parents of all students enrolling in Montgomery County Schools must complete the entire package.
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    Transfer Application Forms

    Click HERE to complete an application for transfer to Montgomery County Schools

    Click HERE to complete an application to release a child from Montgomery County Schools

    Click HERE to complete an application to transfer a child within Montgomery County Schools

    Dear Parent/Guardian, 

    We are looking forward to working with you and your child throughout their education with Montgomery County Schools. The information on this page will be useful as you register your child for any grade, kindergarten through 12th grade. Please note that any child who will be entering kindergarten must be five years of age on or before August 31 of the entering school year. 

    If you are a new resident, enrolling a student in school takes place at the local school in your community. Parents/guardians should bring with them the following: 

    • Birth certificate, or other proof of age 
    • Immunization record 
    • Proof of residence (such as but not limited to, a Montgomery County property tax statement, or a current lease/rental agreement, electric bill)
    • Proof of legal custody or guardianship
    • High school students enrolling in school should bring a high school transcript as well. 

    It is important that we have all of the requested information so that we can best meet the needs of your child. Please bring the completed forms with you to the school that you will be attending.

    In order to enter kindergarten, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the Department of Health and Human Services requires that every child have a physical exam and specific immunizations in order to enter kindergarten. Please call your child’s healthcare provider or the local Health Department to schedule an appointment. The North Carolina Kindergarten Health Assessment Report form is to be completed by your child’s healthcare provider at the time of the physical exam and is to be returned to your child’s school prior to your child beginning school in August.  Click HERE for the form.
    If you are a resident of Montgomery County and prefer a school assignment for your child other than his/her assigned school, you may request a transfer by completing the Montgomery County Schools In County Student Transfer Request.
    If you reside outside of Montgomery County you may request a transfer to Montgomery County Schools each year by completing an Application for Transfer to Montgomery County Schools.


    In County Transfer Requests and Applications for Transfer to Montgomery County Schools must be submitted, by June 1 for the upcoming school year.  Parents will be notified by mail of the decision before the beginning of the school year.


    Students must register at the school in their attendance area until any transfer is acted upon. No kindergarten student will be considered for transfer without first registering at the school to which he/she is assigned. 


    Requests for transfers will only be approved when classroom space is available. Requests for transfer must be filed for each child regardless of previous family member school assignments.


    Transportation will not be provided and if tardiness, attendance, behavior, or overcrowding becomes a problem the student will be returned to their assigned school.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.





    Dr. Tracy Grit

    Associate Superintendent of Operations and Human Resources