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    Pre-K and K-12 Enrollment Process

    We are looking forward to working with you and your child throughout their educational journey with Montgomery County Schools. The information on this page will be useful as you enroll your child for any grade, Pre-K through 12th grade. Please note that any child who will be entering kindergarten must be five years of age on or before August 31st when entering the school year. 

    If you are a new resident of Montgomery County, enrolling a student in school takes place utilizing the online application. Parents/guardians will need to upload the appropriate documents online. If you have trouble uploading documents or need assistance, contact Brooke Howell at brooke.howell@montgomery.k12.nc.us.

    You can view the appropriate documents needed for verification by clicking HERE(English) or HERE(Spanish)

    Click HERE to fill out K-12 Enrollment (English) 
    Click HERE to fill out K-12 Enrollment (Spanish)
    Click HERE to fill out Pre-K Enrollment (English)
    Click HERE to fill out Pre-K Enrollment (Spanish)
    Please reference the Pre-K & K-12 Frequently Asked Questions that can be found HERE in English and HERE in Spanish with any questions, or contact Brooke Howell at brooke.howell@montgomery.k12.nc.us
    If you have any questions regarding Pre-K Enrollment, contact Vance Thomas at vance.thomas@montgomery.k12.nc.us
    In-County Student Transfers
    • Student Transfer Requests for the 2024 - 2025 school year is currently CLOSED. 
    • Student Transfer Requests for Montgomery County Schools are completed using the Student Transfer Request Form that can be found on the Student Transfer Form Link.
    • If your physical address has changed, and you need to move schools within the district, please contact Brooke Howell at 910-576-6511 or at brooke.howell@montgomery.k12.nc.us. It is not necessary to complete the student transfer form.
    • Upon completing the student transfer form, the parent/guardian will receive a notification of the transfer decision by mid-July via mail. If you do not receive notification by July 19th, please contact Brooke Howell at 910-576-6511 or brooke.howell@montgomery.k12.nc.us
    • Generic Transfer Information
      • Requests for transfers will only be approved when classroom space is available.
      • Requests for transfer must be filed for each child regardless of previous family member school assignments.
      • Transportation will not be provided.
      • If tardiness, attendance, behavior, or overcrowding becomes a problem, the student will be returned to their assigned school.
      • Once a student's initial transfer has been approved, the transfer is valid until their grade promotion includes changing schools (ex. elementary school to middle school).
      • Please remember, if your child is entering a grade promotion that includes changing schools (ex. elementary school to middle school), a new form must be completed. 
      • Policy 4130-R Discretionary Admission 

    Transfers for Students Living Outside of Montgomery County Schools  

    • Click HERE to complete an application for transfer to Montgomery County Schools 
    • Click HERE to complete an application to release a child from Montgomery County Schools