November 3, 2008



                The Montgomery County Board of Education convened in the regular monthly meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, November 3, 2008, with all the board members present:


                            Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman

                            James M. Spivey, Vice Chairman

                            Frances H. Reaves

                            Tommy A. Blake

                            Ann S. Long

                            Almetta Armstrong

                            Shirley Threadgill.


                Chairman Steve DeBerry called the meeting to order.


     On motion by Ms. Armstrong, and a second by Mr. Spivey, the board voted unanimously to adopt the agenda.


                With thoughts of the approaching Thanksgiving season, the opening devotional, “Turn Whining to Thankfulness” reading Psalm 95:1-2 was presented by Chairman DeBerry. Thou shalt not whine.  Give something away, when you do, something good comes into your life.  Narrow your goals, focus your expectations, change your vocabulary to I want, not I need.  Choose to be thankful for what we already have.


    The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by Candor Elementary students, Sara Benitez, Mariana Benitex Jaimes and Ivonne Reza.


    Since no one requested to speak, the public comment period was not held.


                Recognitions included the following:


    • Lindsay Whitley read the American Education Week Proclamation, November 16-22, 2008, signed by Chairman Steven DeBerry this 3rd day of November 2008.


    • A plaque was presented to Marcella Rutherford, from West Middle School, the Montgomery County Schools’ 2008-09 EC Teacher of Excellence.


    • Montgomery County Schools “Making a Difference” employee recognition program awards for October were presented to Paulette Mabry, third grade teacher at Candor Elementary School and to Teresa Greene, teacher assistant also of Candor Elementary.


    • The Leadership Montgomery class participants were also presented from the audience.


    With a motion from Mr. Spivey, and a second from Mrs. Long the following consent agenda was unanimously approved by the board.


    1. Upon the recommendation of the principal, approval of the following additions to the

    substitute teacher list:


         Noncertified                              Recommended By                   Record Check


                1)  Lana Sharon McNeill                      David Cassady                               Yes

                2)  Kimberly Steele                             David Cassady                               Pending

                3)  Shelia Perry                                   Vivacious Crews                             Yes         

    4)  Wanda Cranford                            John Ward                                      Yes

                5)  Tina Jackson                                 Vance Thomas                               Yes

                6)  Kelly Morgan                                  Donna Kennedy                              Pending

                7)  Wanda Cranford                            John Ward                                      Yes

                8)  Brenda Rorie                                 Vivacious Crews                             Yes

                9)  Enchantria Smith                           Charles Delforge                             Yes

              10)  Joe Horne Jr.                                 Charles Delforge                             Pending

              11)  Annette Dennis                              Charles Delforge                             Pending

              12)  Tammy Wall                                  Jack Cagle                                      Pending


    1. Superintendent reports the acceptance of the following resignations/retirements:



                     Resignations                          Assignment                            Effective Date


                1)  Lydia Morris                           Mt. Gilead Elementary               January 1, 2009

                     Retirement                             Curriculum Facilitator


    1. Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for

    Employment of the following noncertified personnel:


    Employee/                              School                        Record

    Effective Date                       Assignment                Check             Replacing 


    1)      Olafia Thompson              Page Street                   Yes                Kerma Taylor

    Interim Teacher Asst.


                2)  Amy Clubb                         East Middle School       Yes                Kim Cagle

                     10/14/08                             Teacher Assistant


                3)  Jackie Jackson                  Star-Biscoe Elem.        Yes                New Position

                      11/15/08                            Teacher Asst.



    1. Upon recommendation, approval of the following interim probationary contracts

    for 2008-2009 as provided by General Statute 115C-325:


    Contract/                                School                        Record          

    Effective Date                       Assignment                Check             Replacing


    1)  Nichole Thompson                        Star-Biscoe Elem.      Pending           New Position

         11/15/08                             Music


    2)  Elisabeth Honeycutt           Star-Biscoe Elem.      Yes                  New Position

         11/15/08                             P. E.


    3)  Joseph Whetstine              East Montgomery        Yes                  Sam Wiles

          12/01/08                            ROTC                                                


    1. Upon recommendation, approval of the following overnight field trip is



    1)  November 21-23, 2008 --  West Montgomery High School

         SADD to SADD Leadership Conference, Raleigh, NC


                        2)  November 24-25, 2008 Mt. Gilead Elementary 4th grade

                            classes to the Outer Banks.


    1. Upon recommendation, approval of the following student transfers is

    requested for the 2008-2009 school year.


    The Montgomery County Schools Board of Education approves Marvin J. Smith Driving School to provide drivers education instruction to one class of thirty West Montgomery High School Students at a cost of $213.00 per student which would total $6,390.00 for classroom and driving instruction.


    Dr. Ginny Carpenter introduced Mr. Donnie Lynthacum, principal at Candor Elementary, along with Teresa Thomas, who gave a presentation on Candors’ Tutor/Tutee Reading Program.  Student tutors must read on a fourth grade level to be able to tutor others.  Students must read with comprehension, fluency, strategy instruction, paired/shared reading, the tutor “thinks aloud”.  Students must have a flexible schedule for morning or afternoons.  This is a very interactive team learning approach to reading.  Teams of 2 come into the media center for their reading time.  Data supports the growth of this program effectiveness and the students love it.


    Sue Hatley and Ben Grindstaff presented the ABC Reading Results.  This situation is similar to the time the math test was changed.  The bar has been raised by the state.  It will take some time to reach these new goals.  Standards have been changed for the state.  There is no correlation to what the scores would have been if the standards would not have changed.  Plans are in place to increase the scores on a school level.  Students have to be ready for the 21st century.  Teachers are not teaching at a lower level, it is just that the level has been raised.


    Dr. Ginny Carpenter introduced Mr. Matt Smith, who has lived in Spain, Peru, and  Mexico.  AMAO’s are the measurable achievement objectives that the federal government sets for all ESL programs.  They are difficult to meet, but MCS met all AMAOs for the school year 2007-2008. 


    The good news for this program is that 83.4% of our students made progress towards proficiency.


    Bill Mingin gave an update on Green Ridge Elementary School.  Important dates are:

                Oct. 28, final certificate of occupancy

                Oct. 31, first teacher work day

                Nov. 17, first day with students

                Dec. 7, dedication, open house


    Everything is coming into place.  Bill went over the fund balance.  Playground areas are doing well, wheel chair assessable, the pre-k area is fenced, active boards are installed, computer labs are being set up.  The gym needs the acoustical panels later in the month.  The punch list will be finished after school hours.


    Special thanks to Bill Mingin and the facilities committee for their diligence and hard work with this project.


                Upon motion by Ms. Armstrong and second by Mr. Spivey, the board convened in closed session for the purpose of discussing personnel [NC General Statute 143-318.11(a)(6)]


                Upon return to regular session, with a motion by Mr. Spivey, and a second by Ms. Armstrong, the board approved the closed session personnel items.


                The meeting was duly adjourned



                                                                                     Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman



                                                                                    Donna Cox Peters, Ph.D., Secretary


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