August 14, 2008



                The Montgomery County Board of Education met in a special called session on Thursday, August 14, 2008, at 6:30 p.m. with the following board members present:


                            Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman

                            James Spivey, Vice Chairman

                            Tommy A. Blake

                            Ann S. Long

                            Shirley Threadgill

                            Almetta Armstrong

                            Frances Reaves 


                Chairman DeBerry called the meeting to order.


                Upon a motion by Ms. Reaves, with a second by Ms. Armstrong, the board convened in closed session for the purpose of discussing personnel [NC General Statute 143-318.11(a)(6)].


                Upon return to open session, a motion was made by Mr. Spivey, with a second by Mrs. Reaves, and the board unanimously approved the Personnel Report as presented.


    1. Superintendent reports the acceptance of the following resignation/retirements:


    Resignation/                          School/

    Retirement                            Assignment                        Effective Date


    1) Heriberto Corral                  East Montgomery                    07/24/08

        Resignation                         ESL Teacher


    2) Krystal Debray                    Troy Elementary                     08/07/08

        Resignation                         EC Assistant                                     


    3) Chiffon Barrino                    Page Street Elementary         08/14/08                                                                   

         Resignation                        EC Teacher


    4) Brenda Perry                      Green Ridge Elementary        08/06/08

        Resignation                         ESL Teacher


    5) Stephen Lear                      Central Office                          08/09/08         

               Resignation                        Testing Coordinator


          6) Linda Kelly                          Green Ridge Elementary        08/12/08

              Resignation                         EC Teacher





    1. Upon recommendation, approval of the following probationary contracts for 2008-2009 as provided by General Statute 115C-325:


    Contract/                                School/                           Record     

    Effective Date                       Assignment                     Check             Replacing


    1) Jamie Teeter                       East Middle School          Pending          Laura Love

                    8/18/08 – 6/12/09                Language Arts


                2) Kristen Loucks                    West Middle School         Yes                 Heather Sweed

                    8/18/08 – 6/12/09                M. G. Social Studies


                3) Laura Dawkins                    East Montgomery High    Yes                  Kim Cain

                    8/18/08 – 6/12/09                Science



    1. Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for employment of the following noncertified personnel:


         Employee/                       School                                Record                                  

         Effective Date                            Assignment                        Check             Replacing


          1) Ernest Timmons       East Montgomery                  Yes                  John Wagner                         


    1. Report of following transfers:



    Effective Date                 From                       To                             Replacing


    1) Robin Stone            West Montgomery     West Montgomery      New

        8/18/08                    Media Coordinator       Distance Learning


    2) Ruby Jenkins          Page Street Elem.      Learning Academy      Jonathan Morgan

        8/18/08                    SIMS/Finance              Math/Business


    3) Leigh Lamonds       East Montgomery        West Montgomery      Cheryl Vang

        8/18/08                    SIMS                            Business


    4) Gail Bennett            Troy Elementary         Star-Biscoe Elem.      New

        8/18/08                    Custodian                    Custodian


    5) Paula Gooch           Central Office              Central Office              Susan Muse

        8/25/08                    Adm. Asst.                  Receptionist

                                        Curriculum Dept.


    6) Shirley Harris          Central Office              Central Office              Paula Gooch

         08/25/08                 Adm. Asst.                  Adm. Asst.

                                        Testing                        Curriculum Dept.


    7) Susan Muse            Central Office              Central Office              New

        08/25/08                  Receptionist                Fed Programs/



    8) Lucy Lloyd               Green Ridge                Troy Elementary         Gina King                   

                    08/18/08                  4th Grade                     Guidance


                9) Anita Richardson    Mt. Gilead Elem.          Troy Elementary         Kathy Mabry

                    08/18/08                  Teacher Asst.             Teacher Asst.


                10) Kathy Mabry          Troy Elementary         Mt. Gilead Elem.          Anita Richardson

                      08/18/08                Teacher Asst.             Teacher Asst.                                                


    1. Upon recommendation, approval of the following administrative contracts:


      • Kelvin Watson, Assistant Principal, East Middle School, eleven month term, commencing, pending, and ending June 30, 2010. Back ground check pending.


      • Michael Turner, Assistant Principal, West Middle School, eleven month term, commencing August 18, 2008, pending, and ending June 30, 2010. Back ground check pending.



                With a motion by Mr. Spivey, and a second by Ms. Armstrong, the meeting was duly adjourned by Chairman DeBerry with all in favor.  The next meeting is Monday, September 8, 2008, 6:30 p.m.





                                                                      Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman





                                                                      Donna Cox Peters, Ph.D., Secretary



Last Modified on October 12, 2008