Start by...........
                  1.  being enthusiastic about learning
                  2.  having discipline
                  3.  deciding you can do well on tests
                  4.  having self-respect
                  5.  making friends with people who support your hopes and dreams
                  6.  not being a quitter
                  7.  preparing for the future
                  8.  using your time wisely
    Be sure to write down all assignments
    No TV until your homework is done
    Take notes
    Get organized
    Reread your interactive notebook notes every night before going to bed
    As you are doing your homework, think of some memory tricks
        1.  i before e except after c
        2.  Please excuse my dear aunt sally
        3.  Synonym starts with s same starts with s
        4.  Singular s plural no s
        5.  left same right zero
        6.  King Henry's Daughter Married Dad said she Couldn't Marry
        7.  KFC
    Sing whatever it is you need to remember
    Highlight, underline, or circle key words
    You may want to do your work in your room or in a quite corner, not in front of the TV or with the radio on.
    You may want to enlist a study buddy, someone you can call when you need help or have forgotten how to do your assignments or what your assignments are.
    Keep all of your work in one place and then put it directly into your bookbag or folder as soon as you are done.  Store your bookbag in the same place every night so you know where it is the next day.              
Last Modified on August 12, 2020