• Board Notes/Agenda from
    Monday, September 12, 2011

    Board of Education Meeting




             Call to Order and Adoption of Agenda � Chairman � Steve DeBerry

        Opening Devotional

        Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

    o   Candor Elementary Students

      Emilio Jaimes-Reza

      Stephanie Jaimes-Reza

      Garner Thomas

      Olivia Thomas
    RECOGNITIONS - The Board recognized the following individuals.
    • Resolution of Esteem � Carolyn Sue Davis � (Enclosure 1)
    • Community Partnership Award
      • Esquires, Inc.
    • 2010-2011 ABC School Banners
      • Schools of High Growth 
        • East Montgomery High School, West Montgomery High School, Montgomery Learning Academy, Page Street Elementary, Troy Elementary, Star Elementary
      • Schools of Growth
        • Candor Elementary, East Middle, Green Ridge Elementary, Mount Gilead Elementary, West Middle
    CONSENT AGENDA - Approved by the Board
    • Board Minutes:  August 1, 2011 Regular Meeting � (Enclosure 2) � Carol Hardee
    • Personnel and Auxiliary Reports � (Enclosure 3)  Kevin Lancaster
    • Budget Amendments 1, 2, 3, and 4 - (Enclosure 4) � Kathy Johnson
    • Revised Budget Resolution � (Enclosure 5) � Kathy Johnson
    • First Health Contract - (Enclosure 6) - Kevin Lancaster

    I.  NC Public Schools Will Produce Globally Competitive Students


    • Candor Elementary � Donnie Lynthacum, Principal
      • The Use of Lexile and Quantile Measures at Candor Elementary
    • School Improvement Plans � (Enclosure 7- A)  & (Enclosure 7-B) � Sue Hatley Action Item - Approved by the Board
    • Homework and Practice Overview � Sue Hatley

    II. NC Public Schools Will Be Led by 21st Century Professionals


    • Beginning Teacher Plan � (Enclosure 8) � Kevin Lancaster Action Item - Approved by the Board
    III. NC Public School Students Will Be Healthy and Responsible
    • First Health Update � (Enclosure 9) � Kevin Lancaster, Regina Smith 
    IV. Leadership Will Guide Innovation in NC Public Schools
    • QZAB Funding � (Enclosure 10) � Dale Ellis Action Item - Approved by the Board 
    • � Cent Montgomery County Sales Tax Update � Dale Ellis
    • East Middle Walking Trail � (Enclosure 11) - Kevin Lancaster Action Item - Approved by the Board  
    • Montgomery County Schools - Your Schools 101 Initiative � (Enclosure 12) � Lindsay Whitley
      • Objective � Family Empowerment Trainings to Increase Parental and Community Involvement in Schools
      • Highlights of The First Back To School/Stay In School Rally
      • Your Schools 101 Class List

    V. NC Public Schools Will be Governed and Supported by 21st Century Systems

             Policy and Regulations � (Enclosure 13) � Kevin Lancaster Action Item - Approved by the Board 

    o   Policy Code 3420                         Student Progression and Placement

    o   Policy Code 3460                         Graduation Requirements

    o   Policy Code 3470/4305               Alternative Learning Programs/Schools

    o   Policy Code 4260                         Student Sex Offenders                                              

    o   Policy Code 4300/6550               Student Behavior Policies                              

    o   Policy Code 4301                         Authority of School Personnel

    o   Policy Code 4302                         School Plan for Management of Student


    o   Policy Code 4310                         Integrity and Civility

    o   Policy Code 4315                         Disruptive Behavior

    o   Policy Code 4316                         Student Dress Code

    o   Policy Code 4320                         Tobacco Products

    o   Policy Code 4325                         Drugs and Alcohol

    o   Policy Code 4328                         Gang Related Activity

    o   Policy Code 4330                         Theft, Trespass and Damage to Property

    o   Policy Code 4331                         Assaults, Threats and Harassment

    o   Policy Code 4333                         Weapons, Bomb Threats and Clear Threats

      to Safety

    o   Policy Code 4340                         School Level Investigations

    o   Policy Code 4341                         Parental Involvement in Student Behavior


    o   Policy Code 4345                         Student Discipline Records

    o   Policy Code 4351                         Short-Term Suspension

    o   Policy Code 4352                         Removal of Student During the Day

    o   Policy Code 4353                         Long-Term Suspension, 365-Day Suspension,


    o   Policy Code 4362                         Requests for Readmission of Expelled


    o   Policy Code 4370                         Student Discipline Hearing Procedures

    o   Policy Code 4400                         Attendance

    o   Policy Code 7920                         Professional Personnel Reduction in Force

             Policy and Regulations � (Enclosure 14) � Kevin Lancaster First Reading

    o   Policy Code 4270/6145                Concussion and Head Injury

             Resolution and Letter of Support for Keeping All NC Community  Colleges  Individualized � (Enclosure 15) � Dale Ellis  Action Item - Approved by the Board 

             Joint Facilities Task Force � (Enclosure 16) � Dale Ellis Action Item - Approved by the Board 

    VI. Superintendent�s Remarks


             Dale Ellis (Enclosure 17) 


    closed session for the purpose of DISCUSSING PERSONNEL [NC GENERAL STATUTE 143-318.11(a)(6)] .


    ADJOURNMENT � Chairman DeBerry




    • Monday, October 3, 2011, 6:30 p.m.



    • MCBOE visit to Candor Elementary � Thursday, September 29, 2011, Noon


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