• Board Notes/Agenda from
    Monday, July 11, 2011

    Board of Education Meeting




    ·         Call to Order and Adoption of Agenda – Chairman Steve DeBerry

    ·         Opening Devotional

    ·         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

    o   Chairman Steve DeBerry



    CONSENT AGENDA - Approved by the Board

    • Board Minutes:  June 6, 2011 Regular Meeting – (Enclosure) – Carol Hardee
    • Personnel and Auxiliary Reports – (Enclosure)  Kevin Lancaster
    • Budget Amendments 19 and 20 – (Enclosure) – Kathy Johnson

    I.  NC Public Schools Will Produce Globally Competitive Students


    • 2010-2011 State Accountability Report – (Enclosure) – Sue Hatley
    • Follow-up Report – Curriculum Review Week – Dale Ellis, Sue Hatley

     II. NC Public Schools Will Be Led by 21st Century Professionals


    III. NC Public School Students Will Be Healthy and Responsible

    IV. Leadership Will Guide Innovation in NC Public Schools

    V. NC Public Schools Will be Governed and Supported by 21st Century Systems

    ·         Policy and Regulations – (Enclosure) – Kevin Lancaster Action Item - Approved by the Board

    o   Policy Code 1510/4200/7270       School Safety

    o   Policy Code 1710/4021/7230       Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment

      and Bullying

    o   Policy Code 1720/4015/7225       Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying

                                                            Complaint Procedure

    o   Policy Code 3000                           Goals and Objectives of the Educational


    o   Policy Code 3450                           Class Rankings

    o   Policy Code 4353                           Long -Term Suspension, 365 Day Suspension,


    o   Policy Code 7950                           Probationary Teachers - Nonrenewal

    o   Policy Code 9130                           Supervision of Construction Contracts

    o   Policy Code 9205                           Pest Management


    *Has been pulled from final approval for additional review, to be introduced at a later  time.

      *Policy Code 4318                *Use of Wireless Communication Devices


    ** Denotes additional changes after first reading June 6, 2011, has been put on first reading list for review with these changes.

    **Policy Code 4315               **Disruptive Behavior

    **Policy Code 4325               **Drugs and Alcohol

    **Policy Code 4353               **Long-Term Suspension, 365-Day Suspension,



    ·         Policy and Regulations – (Enclosure) – Kevin Lancaster First Reading

    o   Policy Code 3420                         Student Progression and Placement

    o   Policy Code 3460                         Graduation Requirements

    o   Policy Code 3470/4305               Alternative Learning Programs/Schools

    o   Policy Code 4260                         Student Sex Offenders                                              

    o   Policy Code 4300/6550               Student Behavior Policies                              

    o   Policy Code 4301                         Authority of School Personnel

    o   Policy Code 4302                         School Plan for Management of Student


    o   Policy Code 4310                         Integrity and Civility

    o   **Policy Code 4315                   **Disruptive Behavior

    o   Policy Code 4316                         Student Dress Code

    o   Policy Code 4320                         Tobacco Products

    o   **Policy Code 4325                   **Drugs and Alcohol

    o   Policy Code 4328 NEW               Gang Related Activity

    o   Policy Code 4330                         Theft, Trespass and Damage to Property

    o   Policy Code 4331                         Assaults, Threats and Harassment

    o   Policy Code 4333                         Weapons, Bomb Threats and Clear Threats

    to Safety

    o   Policy Code 4340                         School Level Investigations

    o   Policy Code 4341                         Parental Involvement in Student Behavior


    o   Policy Code 4345                         Student Discipline Records

    o   Policy Code 4351                         Short-Term Suspension

    o   Policy Code 4352                         Removal of Student During the Day

    o   **Policy Code 4353                   **Long-Term Suspension, 365-Day Suspension,


    o   Policy Code 4362                         Requests for Readmission of Expelled


    o   Policy Code 4370                         Student Discipline Hearing Procedures

    o   Policy Code 4400                         Attendance

    o   Policy Code 7920                         Professional Personnel Reduction in Force



    • Revised Montgomery County Schools 2011-2012 School Calendar – Dale Ellis, Kevin Lancaster  Action Item - Approved by the Board

     VI. Superintendent’s Remarks


    ·        Dale Ellis - (Enclosure)  

    closed session for the purpose of DISCUSSING PERSONNEL [NC GENERAL STATUTE 143-318.11(a)(6) AND PROPERTY NC GENERAL STATUTE 143-318.11(a)(5)] .


    ADJOURNMENT – Chairman DeBerry




    • Monday, August 1, 2011, 6:30 p.m.




    • Montgomery County Board of Education Retreat, Saturday, August 13, 2011 8:30 a.m. Montgomery County Schools, Central Office
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