• The Constitution of the National Honorary Beta Club


    Article II Section 2. Student Membership Qualifications

    'Membership is a privilege and not a right. The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be: a) worthy, moral and ethical character; b) exemplary achievement and c) commendable attitude." Link to Beta Club Constitution
    Criteria for admittance into the Jr Beta Club at West Middle School:
    • 7th and 8th-grade students with a minimum of 85% in all courses
    • Once in the Jr Beta Club, if a grade drop below 85% for the six week period the student will be placed on probation. He/She will have until the next marking period brings the grade back up to 85%. If all grades are not brought up by the next marking period the student will be dropped from Jr Beta Club
    • A consequence of OSS (Out of School Suspension) will result in an automatic removal from Beta Club.
    • A consequence of ISS (In School Suspension) will place the student on probation. Any further referrals may result in the student being removed from Beta Club. This will be determined by a conference between Beta Club sponsor and administrator

    The Beta Club sponsor is responsible for notifying students if they are placed on probation for any reason.

Last Modified on December 5, 2017