MCS Balanced Literacy Model

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    English Language Arts Common Core State Standards

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    Core Curriculum

    Explicit instruction for all students in the five components of reading instruction:  Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension (based on Reading 3D/formative assessment data)



    To provide explicit instruction, scope and sequence, and common language for teachers and students.
    *RL, RI, RF, SL, L,
    Standard 10


    Differentiated, small group instruction at students’ instructional level (based on Reading 3D/formative assessment data)



    To apply reading strategies taught in the core curriculum and to practice reading using a VARIETY OF GENRES and ACROSS CONTENT AREAS 
     *RL, RI, RF, SL, L,
    Standard 10

    Working With Words

    Phonics, structural analysis of words, vocabulary development and spelling.  (based on Reading 3D/formative assessment data)



    To help students apply phonics and word knowledge to their own reading and writing, and to build vocabulary.

    *RF, SL, L, W


    Explicit instruction and a block of time in which students write informally and formally using the writing process, with emphasis on ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency conventions, presentation

    (based on formative assessment data)



    To apply spelling, grammar, and word building strategies in a MEANINGFUL way.

    *W, SL, L

    Explicit instruction depending on grade level and content

    10-15 minutes

    Differentiated small group instruction/Guided Reading DAILY

    Minimum of 60 minutes daily; 10-30 minutes per group

    It is important to work with words and vocabulary DAILY


    10-20 minutes

    Students write DAILY



    30 minutes


    Entire Literacy Block:  120 - 150 minutes

    90 minutes uninterrupted

    Intervention/Enrichment Block: 30 - 45 minutes

    To provide instruction for students who don’t know it and those who already know it. (MIE)

    Additional considerations:  Text complexity (regular practice with complex text; close reading; scaffolding) & integration of the Information and Technology Essential Standards