• Sensational Science EOG Review

    Fifth Grade All-Star Scientists



    It is your goal to complete ALL review tasks by the Science EOG (All tasks are due the day after the Science EOG!!).  Upon completion, you will be awarded an award of Sensational Scientist!  Click below to discover your tasks for the day

    Day 1 :Weather 


    Task 1:  Begin by reviewing very important weather vocabulary and concepts by exploring the site and creating your own essential vocabulary foldable:  http://www.solpass.org/5s/standards/Study4.6Weather.htm

      (HINT:  Weather is a HUGE part of our EOG!  This is YOUR study tool!!! Make it a resource that works for YOU!) 

     Task 2:  Review Air masses and fronts by completing the quiz http://www.quia.com/quiz/278988.html. 
    Task 3Review weather concepts by playing Who Wants to Be a Millionaire- weather style.

    Day 2: Forces and Motion

    Task 1: Working with a partner, view the Slideshow and complete the chart your teacher gave to you.  


    Task 2: Review forces and motion by playing this game: Forces in Action.

    Task 3: Review Friction by playing the game:  Friction.
    Day 3: Forces and Motion (Continued)/Systems of the Body  
    *Task 1: Review forces and motion by playing this game: Forces in Action.
    *Task 2: Review Friction by playing the game:  Friction. 
    Task 3: Review Plant & Animal Cells, go through the slide show and complete Test Yourself Chart- Study Jams Cell Slide Show
    Task 4: Use this PowerPoint to review the 6 major systems of the body!  Create a Frayer for each of the 6 systems- Systems of the Body PPT
    Day 4:  Systems of the Body (Continued)
    Task 1:  Test your knowledge of important organs with this game- ALL Systems Interactive
    Task 2:  Explore the Study Jams Human Body Videos, on the chart include the name of the video and 3 important facts.  STUDY JAMS VIDEOS!!

    Day 5: Genetic, Matter & Energy

     Task 1: Watch this Study Jams Video about Heredity, then complete the Test Yourself ChartGenetics StudyJam Video/ Quiz 

     Task 2: Watch the following Study Jam Videos and complete the Important Fact Chart

    Physical & Chemical Change

     Task 3: Watch the following Study Jam Videos, complete the Test Yourself Quiz, then Explain the following- conduction, convection, and radiation

    Heat Energy

    Day 6- Ecosystems

    Task 1: Watch the following videos, completing the Vocabulary chart as you hear each of the words included (HINT:  Pause the video or wait unit each on is over!)

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Video 3

    Video 4

    Video 5

    Video 6

    Video 7

     Task 2:  Go back to each video and complete the Test Yourself Quizzes


     Response sheets:


    Other Recommended Weather Review Activities:
    Cloud Frayers- Create a Frayer Model for each of the following: Cumulus, Cumulonimbus, Stratus, and Cirrus Clouds
    Quadrant 1- Description of what it looks like
    Quadrant 2-What is it formed of?, What is it formed of?
    Quadrant 3-What weather does it bring? 
    Quadrant 4-Drawing
    Front Frayers-Create Frayer models for each of the following:  Warm, Cold, Stationary, Occluded Fronts
    Quadrant 1- Description of the front
    Quadrant 2- What weather does it bring?
    Quadrant 3- Weather Map symbol
    Quadrant 4- Drawing of the air mass movement
    Water Cycle Foldable-  Example
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