Montgomery County Schools Administrative Offices
    The Presenter(s) will:
    • Prepare clearly and concisely worded memos that summarize agenda topics and items for the Board’s review
    • Prepare clearly and concisely worded agenda items for the Boards’s review
    • Present with the understanding that pre-meeting materials have been reviewed  and will refrain from re-hashing or re-reading the Board memos.
    • Present agenda items that cover the topic, add clarity/understanding to the agenda item, and allow for discussion with the realization that time is of the essence
    • Clearly answer questions from the Board
    • Research items and questions that the answer is not known at the time and provide that answer to the Superintendent for follow-up with the Board
    The Board members will:
    • Read summation memos prior to the Board meeting
    • Review all agenda items prior to the Board meeting
    • Listen attentively to all presentations
    • Hold questions to the end of the presentation unless prompted by the presenter
    • Ask questions of the presenter clearly and one at a time
    • Allow for professional discourse by giving all Board members time to make inquiries and discuss topics necessary

    Monday, May 6, 2013


         5:00 p.m.      



    Call to Order – Chairman DeBerry



    1.    State Budget Update – Dale Ellis, Kathy Johnson



    2.    Current Local Budget Status – Kathy Johnson                                                            



    3.     County Budget Submittal Approval – Action Item   Kathy Johnson                                             


    Adjourn – Chairman DeBerry                                                                                                      


Last Modified on May 13, 2013