• Home Base Features First Statewide Student and Parent Portals
    Among the many great features of Home Base are teacher, parent, and student portals.
    Online access to student schedules, grades, homework and attendance makes it easy for parents to keep track of their child's progress and holds students accountable for their own academic performance.  Since Home Base provides the first statewide parent portal, imagine the ease with which families moving within North Carolina can get up to speed in a new school.
    Access to the student and parent portals is now available. To keep your child’s information secure, we will not give out Parent Portal access codes and passwords over the phone. If you need your child’s access code and password to access the Parent Portal, you must stop by your child’s school with the Parent Portal Application Form (form is available below or at the school). This form must be completed and a photo id is required before you receive your login. The school system is not responsible for resetting user names and passwords. You will be prompted to enter a valid email address which will be used for user name and password resets.
    Student and Parent Portal Login:        http://montgomery.powerschool.com/public