• Child Proof Advice
    Child Proof Advice, a nonprofit organization, offers online training on child proofing the home.  Their website teaches you how and when to child proof a caregiving environment through easy to understand videos. 
    NC School Report Cards
    Find out how our schools are doing!  Filter by school year, school district, and school.  Click on the tabs across the top to find out more specific information.
    Sandhills Regional Library System
    Montgomery County is part of the greater Sandhills Regional Library System.  The site contains many resources and links to each branch in the system. 
    Reading Rockets
    Reading adventure packs, e-newsletters, ways to pinpoint reading issues, and additional literacy-related resources are available for parents at this site.  There are bilingual resources available HERE
    FunBrain for Parents
    Educational games are the highlight of this site. The games cover all interest areas and target specific age levels. There are “parent-kid challenges,” “homework relief,” and “books on the run” links. Also linked to this site, there is a family education newsletter that helps with school, life, entertainment, and special needs issues.


    This website shares reviews of “cool new books” and authors. The books are categorized by age and by genre. There is a link for podcasts and another for book clubs. The newsletter highlights the newest and best on the site.
    PBS For Parents

    This site contains guides on a variety of topics such as child development, curriculum connections, and technology for kids. It also shares information on hot issues in education. On the lighter side, there are games, stories, and guides to the TV programs offered by PBS. The guide is also available in Spanish. Bienvenidos a PBS Padres!


    Scholastic for Parents
    This site contains age appropriate guides for helping your child learn to love reading. Divided into early childhood and school age children, the site also contains resources for helping your child with math, technology and other subjects. Additionally, there is an array of information about family matters.


    Time for Kids Teacher’s Homepage

    This site shares diverse resources for parents including virtual tours around the world, kid-appropriate current events stories, homework help, and games.