August 5, 2013


         The Montgomery County Board of Education convened in its regular monthly meeting on Monday, August 5, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. Board members were present as follows:

          Steven W. DeBerry, Chair

          Tommy Blake, Vice Chair

          Bryan Dozier 

          Jesse Hill

          Ann Long

          Sandra Miller

          Shirley Threadgill

          Chairman DeBerry called the meeting to order and moved to adopt the agenda as shown.  With a motion by Ann Long and a second from Bryan Dozier, the agenda was adopted with unanimous approval from the board.  

          Chairman DeBerry was next on the agenda with a devotional.  When Ronald Regan was a small boy, his Aunt took him to a cobbler to have a pair of shoes made.  The cobbler asked him what kind of toe he wanted on his shoes, round or square.  He told the cobbler he didn’t know, because he hadn’t put any thought into it.  The cobbler told him to come back and pick up his shoes.  When he returned, he found the shoes had one round toe and one square toe.  Regan learned a valuable lesson from this: make your own decisions and if not, someone will make them for you.          

          The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by Chairman DeBerry.

          With no one signing up to address the board, the meeting proceeded with a Resolution of Esteem for Johnsie Rowland Hilliard.  The resolution was presented to her family and is as follows:

      WHEREAS, our Heavenly Father, in His infinite love and wisdom, saw fit to call home Johnsie Rowland Hilliard on April 27, 2013 and

      WHEREAS, her services as a cafeteria employee and a bus driver for Montgomery County Schools were a living testimonial of her integrity and skill, and

      WHEREAS, her loss will be deeply felt, not only by those with whom she served, but also throughout her entire community and county.

      NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Montgomery County Board of Education goes on record in expressing a sense of real loss and regret in her passing; that a copy of this resolution be conveyed to her family as an indication of our deep sympathy; and that a copy of the same be filed as a part of the permanent minutes of the board of education.

          Next, Chairman DeBerry asked that the Consent Agenda be held until the closed session portion of the meeting.  With no opposition, the change was adopted.

          Superintendent Ellis presented “A Culture of High Expectations”.  High Expectations in Montgomery County Schools will be the theme of the Leadership Academy with Principals and Administration this week and will be reinforced with teachers during the school staff meetings.  The higher the bar is raised, the better the outcome.  This applies to students as well as teachers.  Superintendent Ellis states that greatness is not easy.  It’s not the teacher’s job to make the curriculum easier; the job is to teach the students the skills necessary to complete the work, no matter how hard it may be.  Students must be educated to the best of our ability.           

          Next, Superintendent Ellis discussed a proposal circulating concerning testing.  The proposal states that North Carolina schools test too much.  Dr. Ellis agrees with the statement.  There are too many tests in the county.  Some tests send the wrong message to students.  Tests should measure student learning, not evaluate teachers.  School leaders are working with DPI to see which tests could be eliminated.  More updates to follow on this, but some flexibility could be coming up in the future. 

          Dr. Jeff James and Deidra Steed presented a power point on Read to Achieve Legislation and what it means to Montgomery County Schools, along with Literacy Framework.  The goal of Read to Achieve is to ensure that every student reads at or above grade level by the end of the third grade and continues to progress in reading proficiency so that her or she can read, comprehend, integrate and apply complex texts needed for secondary education and career success.  The program was adopted July 2012 and will be effective at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.  There are seven components of NC Read to Achieve.  The components are: a comprehensive reading plan; developmental screening and Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA); facilitating early grade reading proficiency; elimination of social promotion; successful reading development for retained students; parent/guardian notification and accountability measures.  An overview of the plan and how it would be implemented was.      

          Superintendent Ellis nominated Sandra Miller for North Carolina State Board Association Board of Directors.  Hopefully, this will show the community the Board is serious about the kids in the county.  Mrs. Miller wished to move forth with the approval process. With a motion to approve by Bryan Dozier and a second by Ann Long, the nomination was unanimous.

           Dr. Lancaster presented Policy Code 4326 & 4326R – Random Drug Testing for approval.  Minor wording changes were suggested and completed.  A motion to suspend the previously approved policy was made by Tommy Blake with a second by Sandra Miller.  The corrected policy motion was made by Sandra Miller and seconded by Tommy Blake with unanimous approval from the board.       

          Official recommendation of Community Bus Stops was next on the agenda.  Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, Bill Mingin, presented a power point showing the savings of community stops.  The new stops could save Montgomery County Schools an estimated $25,000.00 per year in fuel cost and wages.  With the new plan, only one bus would be cut, with no job loss due to the retirement of one driver.  Stops will be monitored closely to ensure a smooth transition.  Problems and adjustments will be made on a case by case basis.  Students would, in no case, have to walk more than three tenths of a mile to reach their stop.  Letters will be sent out to families to inform them of the changes and staff will be on hand at the Back to School Rally and Open House at each school to answer any questions parents may have.

          Superintendent Ellis presented a resolution opposing the treatment of North Carolina’s children and professional educators in the 2013-2015 State Budget.  Regional superintendents will be presenting this to the state legislature.  Superintendents want to send the message that they disapprove of the budget and that the changes are detrimental to the teachers and our counties.  Superintendent Ellis asked for approval of the resolution.  Bryan Dozier stated he had issues with the resolution because he felt the problems at the state level were “inherited” and it would be like “poking the bear” to approve it and things could get worse with the General Assembly in the future.  Chairman DeBerry said that teachers were really getting “kicked” and that was a problem.  Jessie Hill and Sandra Miller agreed that a message should be sent to the state that this budget was not acceptable and hurt our teachers and students.  Sandra Miller made a motion to accept the resolution with Ann Long seconding.  The decree passed with a six to one vote, with Bryan Dozier opposing.  The resolution states:






         In closing, Superintendent Ellis asked for a moment of silence for Julius Chambers of Mt. Gilead, who passed away August 2, 2013.  Chambers was an American lawyer, civil rights leader and educator.  As a child, he saw firsthand the effects of discrimination when his father’s auto repair business became the target of racial injustice in 1948.  A white customer refused to pay his father and his father couldn’t afford a lawyer to file suit against the man.  Chambers said this experience made him pursue a career in law, in order to help end segregation and racial discrimination. His firm became the first integrated firm in North Carolina history and their efforts were met several times with violence from white supremacists.  While attending a speaking engagement in 1965, his car was destroyed by a bomb.  During another hearing that same year, his home was bombed. Luckily, there were no injuries.  Chambers’ career included eight winning arguments before the U. S. Supreme Court and landmark decisions that shaped the interpretation and implementation of civil rights law at the start of racial integration in the United States in the 1960’s and 70’s.  In 1993, he became the chancellor of his alma mater, North Carolina Central University.  He served there until June 30, 2001.  Mr. Chambers passed away after months of failing health at the age of seventy-six.

          With a motion from Bryan Dozier, along with a second from Tommy Blake, the board unanimously approved going into closed session to discuss personnel. 

          Upon reconvening, Chairman DeBerry then asked for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda.  With a motion from Bryan Dozier and a second from Shirley Threadgill, the board approved the information:

             1) Minutes from the July 8, 2013 Board of Education Meeting;

         2) Personnel and Auxiliary Reports as follows:

          a.    Superintendent reports the acceptance of the following resignations/retirements:

          Noncertified                 Recommended By                   Record Check 

       1) Claudia Stewart                Donnie Lynthacum                      Yes

       2) Darthelia Ingram               Donnie Lynthacum                       Yes

       3) Stephen Hurley Jr.             Teresa Dunn                             Yes

       4) Emma Hodges                 Donna Kennedy                          Yes

       5) Audrey Norton                 Donna Kennedy                          Yes

       6) Robert Cresson                Anne McLean                            Yes

       7) John Paul Callicutt             Jack Cagle                               Yes

       8) Shelia Lassiter                 Vance Thomas                         Pending

       9) Brandi Lamonds               Jack Cagle                              Pending

      10) Angie Ussery                  Donna Kennedy                        Pending


           b. Superintendent reports the acceptance of the following resignations/retirements:

         Resignation/Retirement        School/Assignment                 Effective Date

    1) Emmalie van Kuilenburg         East/West High Schools              June 17, 2013

       Resignation                        Science Teacher

     2) Brittany Caldwell                Page Street Elementary                July 17, 2013

       Resignation                       5th Grade Teacher

     3) Jackie Zaccherio                  West Middle School                  July 18, 2013

       Resignation                          PE Teacher

     4) Cindy Stephens                  Star Elementary School               June 17, 2013

       Retirement                         Elementary Teacher

     5) Meredith Johnson           East Montgomery High School             July 16, 2013

       Resignation               Health Science Education Teacher

     6) Judy Nance                        West Middle School                August 1, 2013

       Retirement                          Business Teacher

     7) Amy Frieary                        West Middle School                 July 31, 2013

       Resignation                       Instructional Facilitator

     8) Brandy Whitley                   Green Ridge Elementary              July 13, 2013

       Resignation                         Elementary Teacher

     9) Melvin Streeter                   Candor Elementary School           August 1, 2013

       Retirement                               Custodian

     10) Heather Marshall                     Central Office                  August 15, 2013

        Resignation                       Part time Custodian

    11) Jada Holland                      West Middle School                July 29, 2013

        Resignation                         Science Teacher

     12) Elizabeth Ritch                   West Montgomery High              July 31, 2013

        Resignation                           AG Teacher


    c. Report of the following transfers:


       Effective Date                             From/To                                       Replacing


    1) Amanda Thompson      Candor Elementary/Star Elementary         Kristy Comer

       08/20/2013                Pre-K Teacher/ 3rd Grade Teacher


    2) Kathryn Trogdon       Candor Elementary/Candor Elementary        Beth Blake

       08/20/2013             Teacher Assistant/Elementary Teacher


    3) Sherry Starnes               Page Street/Page Street                 Jessica King

       08/03/2013              Teacher Assistant/Bookkeeper


    4) Jennifer Pieczyski         East Middle School/East Montgomery       Todd McGuire

       08/20/2013            Social Studies Teacher/French Teacher


    5) Tempest Leake             West Montgomery/West Middle            Amy Frieary 

       08/01/2013                 Science Teacher/Inst. Facilitator


    6) Beverly Talbert          Mt. Gilead Elementary/Troy Elementary        Jane Smith

       08/20/2013             Elementary Teacher/Elementary Teacher


    7) Kristy Comer                  Star Elementary/East Middle                   Julie Daniel

       08/20/2013                        Elementary Teacher


    8) Teresa O’Connor               Green Ridge/West Middle                    Becky Crump

       08/20/2013             Elementary Teacher 6th Grade Teacher


    9) Heather Saunders    Mt. Gilead Elementary/Candor Elementary      Amanda Thompson

       08/20/2013            Elementary Teacher/Elementary Teacher



    d. Upon recommendation, approval of the following interim probationary contracts for 2013-2014 as provided by General Statute 115C-325:


            Contract/              School/             Record   

           Effective Date          Assignment          Check             Replacing


    1) Carrie Watkins             West Middle School       Yes              Caitlin Batten

       08/20/2013                   Math Teacher 


    2) Tracie Whitley             West Middle School        Yes              Judy Nance

       08/20/2013                Business Teacher


    3) Laura Chustek          Page Street Elementary       Yes           Kathryn Tortorella

       08/20/2013              Guidance Counselor


    4) Cody Tucker            West Middle/West High       Yes              Gary Graham

       08/20/2013                 Band Teacher


    5) Teddi Benson          West Montgomery High      Yes              New Position

       08/20/2013                    EC Teacher


    6) Miranda Duell               West Middle School        Yes              Kim Thomas

       08/20/2013                Language Arts 8th Grade


    7) Marissa Duncan           East Montgomery High     Pending          Michelle Larking

       08/20/2013                   English Teacher


    8) Margaret Miller            Green Ridge Elementary   Pending            June Hysell

       08/20/2013                     EC Mastery


    9) Rebecca Micco              East Middle School        Yes              Jamie Teeter

       08/20/2013                7th Grade ELA Teacher


    10) Bethany Morgan         Star Elementary School     Pending          Cindy Stephens

        08/20/2013                4th Grade Teacher


    11) Chelsea Dempsey        Mt. Gilead Elementary     Pending           Chris Jonassen

        08/20/2013                 3rd Grade Teacher


    12) Natasha Torrence        Mt. Gilead Elementary       Yes            Catherine Ballard

        08/20/2013                 5th Grade Teacher


    13) Jamie Troskey            Mt. Gilead Elementary     Pending          Danielle Hurley

        08/20/2013                3rd Grade Teacher


    14) Lisa Bunting             Green Ridge Elementary    Pending          Brandy Whitley

        08/20/2013                     2nd Grade


    15) Joey Gaddy                 West Montgomery       Pending          Elizabeth Ritch

        08/20/2013                    AG Teacher


    16) Jessica Grooms            West Middle School      Pending          Jackie Zaccherio

        08/20/2013                     PE Teacher 



    e. Upon recommendation, approval of the following teacher assistant reassignments:



        Employee                            From                                              To


    Linda Sanders               Page Street Elementary                East Montgomery High

    John Morton                 East Montgomery High             Montgomery Learning Academy

    Warren Odham                  Star Elementary                    Page Street Elementary

    Sandra Pegues             Green Ridge Elementary                 East Montgomery High

    Jeanene Robinson              Candor Elementary                  Page Street Elementary

    Angela Leak                  East Montgomery High                  West Middle School

    Robin Haithcock              Mt. Gilead Elementary                  West Montgomery High

    Lynn Barton                 Page Street Elementary                  Mt. Gilead Elementary

    Adrian Davis                     Troy Elementary                      West Middle School

    Nancy Britton                 East Montgomery High                   West Middle School

    Denise Carpenter               East Middle School                   East Montgomery High 

    Fannie Cagle                    Troy Elementary                       East Middle School  


      f. Upon recommendation, approval of the following ESL/EC reassignments:

            Employee                             From                                 To

     1) Laura Wolf                           East Middle School            Page Street/Troy Elementary

    2) Shana West                       West Montgomery High          Candor Elementary

    3) Judy Hatley-Seawell              Green Ridge Elementary          Star, MLA/ Mt. Gilead

    4) Cynthia Martinez                       Central Office               WMS/West Montgomery

    5) Laura Trumfio                     Page Street Elementary        Montgomery Learning Academy

    6) Chris Blake                         West Middle School           Candor/Green Ridge Elementary

    7) Sharon Wade                       West Middle School              Star Elementary

    8) Betty Harvel                      Green Ridge Elementary          Page Street Elementary


     g. Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for employment of the following non-certified personnel:

           Employee/                  School/                Record

         Effective Date        Assignment              Check               Replacing


    1) Tina Biby                 County Office                Yes

       08/20/2013               Cafeteria Sub


    2) Derrick Drake        West Montgomery High           Yes                  Ollie Stancil

       07/29/13              Part time Custodian


    3) Eric Slingerland           Central Office              Pending            William Saunders

       07/31/2013             Grounds Keeper 1



    h.  Superintendent reports termination of employee:



     Employee                   School Assignment                      Effective Date


    1) Cheryl Kearns       Troy Elementary School                           July 16, 2013

                                     Teacher Assistant/Substitute


    i. Upon recommendation, approval of the following coaches for the fall 2013 sports season:



    East Montgomery High School-


    Coach                        Sport

    Mike Barrington            Athletic Trainer

    Mark Miller                 Athletic Director                           

    Scott Blue                  Field Maintenance, Soccer Asst.

    Cindy Martin               Cheerleading

    Sean Hassell               Cross Country (Boys)

    Mishele Hare               Cross Country (Girls)

    Philip Collett                Football

    Ray Massey                JV Football

    Ted Harman                Football Asst.

    Chris Hadlock              Soccer (Men)

    Jimmy Blake               Tennis (Womens)

    Janira Reza                Volleyball

    Ray Deaton                Asst. Football (Pending Background)


    East Middle School-


    Coach                          Sport

    Reggie Jackson                Football

    Kirk Watts                      Football

    Chris Kingston                 Football

    Josh Frye                      Football

    Maggie McKinley               Volleyball

    Barbara Streeter               Cheerleading


    West Montgomery High School-


    Coach                          Sport

    Stephanie Panzer              Volleyball

    Henry Panzer                  Volleyball Asst.

    Vickie Panzer                  JV Volleyball

    Earle Poole                    Cross Country

    Katie Kimrey                   Cross Country Asst.

    Ralph Thompson              Soccer (Men)

    Jorge Munoz                  Soccer Asst.

    Nick Eddins                   Football

    Ken Neal                      Football Asst.

    Dustin Braddock               Football Asst.

    Chris Brown                   Football Asst.

    Terry Callicutt                 Football Asst.

    Tom Berriman                 Football Asst.

    Eddie Swan                   Football Asst.

    Derrick Drake                 Football Asst.

    Jimbo McIntrye                First Responder


    West Middle School-


    Coach                          Sport

    Jerimy Rinker                  Football

    Sean Thompson               Football

    Daniel Jones                   Football

    Caitlyn Batten                 Cheerleading

    Daphne Brown                 Volleyball

    Suzannah Laucher            Cross Country

    Ron Weaver                  Cross Country





    j.  Upon recommendation, approval of the following administrative contract:


    John Beard, Principal, Montgomery Learning Academy, annual twelve-month term, commencing August 6, 2013 and ending June 30, 2015.





    k.  Upon recommendation approval of the following student transfers is requested. 


            Moore County Schools to Montgomery County Schools  

        Susan Strong           Kaleb Comer                  Katelyn Comer 


           Stanly County Schools to Montgomery County Schools  

                               Michaela Stovall



                3)  Pel Industries Agreement;

                4)  SRO Agreement.


      After the closed session, Chairman DeBerry then asked for a motion to adjourn.  With a motion from Bryan Dozier, along with a second from Sandra Miller, the meeting was duly adjourned.


    The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, September 9, 2013.




                                                   Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman



                                                   Dale Ellis, Ed. D., Secretary 

Last Modified on August 25, 2014