February 12, 2014


                The Montgomery County Board of Education met in a special called session on Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. with the following board members present:


                            Tommy Blake, Vice Chairman

                            Bryan Dozier

                            Sandra Miller

                            Shirley Threadgill

                            Ann Long


                Vice Chairman Tommy Blake called the meeting to order.  With a motion from Sandra Miller, along with a second from Ann Long, the board unanimously approved the agenda as presented. 


    Superintendent Ellis welcomed those in attendance and presented the Voucher Litigation Resolution.  At the board meeting, February 3rd, the board approved the resolution, thinking the deadline had passed to join the pending litigation.  The special board meeting was called to discuss joining the litigation, with the cost covered by the North Carolina State Board of Education’s Legal Assistance Fund.


    Board members, Jesse Hill and Chairman DeBerry were not present at the meeting, but Dr. Ellis spoke with both of them and they support the resolution.  Board member Bryan Dozier stated that he had no problem with the resolution, but was not “on board” with suing someone.  “I’m not for vouchers or cutting school funds; and I’m all for teachers, but not for suing”.


    Vice Chairman Blake doesn’t agree with suing, but said “you have to look at the whole picture”.  Sandra Miller asked if there was another way to get the point across to the legislature, stating that deficits from private schools are large.  Ann Long, who attended a private school, said she didn’t have a problem with private schools, but she doesn’t think the state should pay for them.   


    After discussion, Vice Chairman Blake asked for a motion in support of Montgomery County Schools joining the pending litigation.  Ann Long made the motion with Shirley Threadgill seconding.  The resolution passed with Bryan Dozier being opposed.


    Sandra Miller asked if the Board could make a statement for pay increases for everybody in the school system.  All employees have “gone a long time with no increase”.  Superintendent Ellis stated he would be glad to put together something with Max Garner before the next scheduled meeting and bring it before the Board.   


    Vice Chairman Blake asked for a motion to adjourn.  Bryan Dozier made the motion with Sandra Miller seconding.  With no opposition, the meeting was duly adjourned. 


                The next regular meeting will be Monday, March 3, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. 


                                                                  Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman


                                                                 Dale Ellis, Secretary

Last Modified on March 10, 2014