•                                                                                       Monday, May 5, 2014

    6:30 p.m.      



    ·         Call to Order and Adoption of Agenda – Chairman, Steve DeBerry

                 ·         Opening Devotional
                 ·         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

    o   East Middle School Beta Club Officers

    § Samantha Aguilar

    § Sierra Brown

    § Frank Garcia



    • Retirement Presentation – Dale Ellis

    o   Erie Green

    • Certified and Classified Employee of the Month from Star Elementary – Dale Ellis and Teresa Dunn, Principal

    o   Jeannette Dawkins

    o   Beverly Hogan

    • National Board Certificate of Appreciation – Dale Ellis

    o   Kevin Lancaster

    o   Deidra Steed


    • Board Minutes from April 7, 2014 (Enclosure 1) – Pam Cameron
    • Personnel and Auxiliary Reports (Enclosure 2) –  Kevin Lancaster
    • Budget Amendments #10 and #11 (Enclosure 3) – Kathy Johnson
    • Timber Thinning/Strong Forestry Services Contract (Enclosure 4) – Dale Ellis

    I.  NC Public Schools Will Produce Globally Competitive Students

    • Pre K Update – Jeff James and Lizzie Garner

    II. NC Public Schools Will Be Led by 21st Century Professionals

    • Distance Learning Opportunities – Heather Seawell, East Montgomery Principal

    o   Jennifer Pieczyski, Linda Sanders and student, Jacquelyn Stump

    • High Five Literacy Strategies – Della Ingram, East Middle School Principal

    o   Jeanne Black and April Hurley

    • Sandhills Leadership Academy presentation – Dale Ellis

    o   Chris Jonassen

    • Teacher Appreciation Day Proclamation (Enclosure 5) – Dale Ellis  Action Item

    III. NC Public School Students Will Be Healthy and Responsible

    Equity in School Lunch Pricing (Enclosure 6) – Terry Jordan

    IV. Leadership Will Guide Innovation in NC Public Schools

    V. NC Public Schools Will be Governed and Supported by 21st Century Systems

    • Policy and Regulations (Enclosure 7) – Kevin Lancaster First Reading

    o   Policy Code          1320/3560              Title I Parent Involvement

    o   Policy Code          2121                        Board Member Conflict of Interest

    o   Policy Code          2130                        Board Member Compensation and Expenses

    o   Policy Code          2321                        Closed Sessions

    o   Policy Code          3225/4312/7320    Technology Responsible Use

    o   Policy Code          3226/4205              Internet Safety

    o   Policy Code          3227/7322              Web Page Development

    o   Policy Code          3410                        Testing and Assessment Program

    o   Policy Code          3420                        Student Promotion and Accountability

    o   Policy Code          3460                        Graduation Requirements

    o   Policy Code          4120                        Domicile or Residence Requirements

    o   Policy Code          4250/5075/7316    North Carolina Address Confidentiality Program

    o   Policy Code          4333                       Weapons, Bomb Threats, Terrorist Threats and Clear Threats to Safety

    o   Policy Code          4345                       Student Discipline Records

    o   Policy Code          4351                       Short-Term Suspension

    o   Policy Code          6225                       Free and Reduced Price Food Services

    o   Policy Code          6340                       Transportation Service/Vehicle Contracts

    o   Policy Code          6524                       Network Security

    o   Policy Code          7100                       Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

    o   Policy Code          7130                       Licensure

    o   Policy Code          7335                       Employee Use of Social Media

    o   Policy Code         7410   DELETE     Career Status

    o   Policy Code         7410     NEW         Teacher Contracts

    o   Policy Code          7425                       School Administrators Contract

    o   Policy Code          7540                       Voluntary Shared Leave

    o   Policy Code         7805    NEW         Superintendent Evaluation

    o   Policy Code          7811                       Plans for Growth and Improvement Of Licensed Employees

    o   Policy Code          7820                       Personnel Files

    o   Policy Code          7821                       Petition of Removal of Personnel Records

    o   Policy Code          7900                       Resignation

    o   Policy Code          7920                       Professional Personnel Reduction in Force

    o   Policy Code          7930                       Professional Employees: Demotion and Detention

    o   Policy Code          7950                       Non-Career Status Teachers: Nonrenewal

    o   Policy Code          9220                       Security of Facilities

    VI. Superintendent’s Remarks

              ·          Dale Ellis


    closed session for the purpose of DISCUSSING PERSONNEL [NC GENERAL STATUTE 143-318.11(a)(6)].


    ADJOURNMENT – Chairman DeBerry


    Agenda items are found on Board Notes at www.montgomery.k12.nc.us after each Montgomery County Board of Education Meeting.



    • Monday, June 2, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. 
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