September 8, 2014


                The Montgomery County Board of Education convened in its regular monthly meeting on Monday, September 8, 2014, at 6:30 p.m. Board members present were as follows:

                             Steven W. DeBerry, Chair

                             Tommy Blake, Vice Chair

     Bryan Dozier

     Jesse Hill

     Shirley Threadgill

                             Ann Long

     Sandra Miller

                 Chairman DeBerry called the meeting to order and moved to adopt the agenda as shown and hold the consent agenda until closed session.  With a motion by Ann Long and a second from Bryan Dozier, the agenda was adopted with unanimous approval from the board.

                Chairman DeBerry opened the meeting with a devotional by reading James 2:26: “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”  He followed with a story about Thomas Edison who had 1000 patents to his credit, including the phonograph, an invention started by someone else.  Mr. Edison often proved that you don’t need to be the originator of an idea.  Sometimes just improving on an idea makes you successful.

                The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America was led by Candor Elementary students Adrian Valdovinos, Diana Munoz, Tyrese Scott and Madeline Lassiter.

    Dr. Ellis presented Mary Chesson, interim President at Montgomery Community College, with a Partnership Certificate.  MCC was the venue of this year’s Back to School Rally held August 16th.  Dr. Ellis and Ms. Chesson agreed they are both proud of the partnership between the schools and their ability to work together for the community.  

                 Dr. Ellis and Candor Elementary principal, Donnie Lynthacum, presented employees Julie Estes, Crystal Thomas and Teresa Green with certificates.  Ms. Estes was recognized for participating in the Michelson Exxon Mobile Academy.  She has been with Candor for two years and always looks for ways to improve her classroom.  Mrs. Thomas was awarded Certified Employee of the Month and Teresa Green Classified Employee of the Month.  Mr. Lynthacum had high praise for all three women and stated Candor Elementary was lucky to have them.                     

                 Next, Superintendent Ellis discussed the 2017 Strategic Plan.  By looking at the growth after three years, are the goals working or are there others that need to be focused on?  There is definite growth at the schools due to teachers learning the standards and staff development.  Areas of improvement include: continuing to identify achievement gaps and finding ways to close them, lowering the teacher attendance rate, keeping suspension rates down by sending students to the Learning Academy instead of home, lowering the pregnancy rate by adding grants to secure external funding, maintaining adequate facilities and upgrading technology resources.  Dr. Ellis also displayed the new logo showing the different stages of learning, commenting that the logo includes blue and red and should satisfy both sides of the county.  Mrs. Long stated that she loved the logo and moved to approve the logo and strategic plan goals for 2017.  Mrs. Miller seconded and the board unanimously approved the motion.             

                  Donnie Lynthacum, Principal at Candor Elementary presented a power point on their afterschool program “Reading Counts”.  The program started two years ago.  Parents and staff were concerned about students’ loss of reading skills over the summer.  A plan was set in place to provide the school media center to students during the summer to help build on reading skills for the next school year.  Parents and staff members volunteered their time to read with students and monitor their progress, giving them a head start on their goals for the upcoming school year.  The program ran Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm., starting the last week of June and ending the second week of August.  An average of 40 kids attending each day with no age limit.  Mr. Lynthacum stated that the program was a huge success and thanked everyone involved.      

                   Dr. Lancaster presented Policy Code 3460 Graduation Requirements and Policy Code 3460R Differentiated Diploma Pathway Policy and Process for first reading.             

                  In his closing remarks, Superintendent Ellis congratulated the schools on a smooth opening.  He stated the MCS staff does a tremendous job and are to be commended.  Before closing, Jesse Hill asked to observe a moment of silence for Hubert Lindsey, a beloved member of the EMHS staff who passed away last week.  Mr. Lindsey will be remembered with a Resolution of Esteem at the October board meeting.    

                  Chairman DeBerry then asked for a motion to adjourn and move into closed session.  With a motion from Bryan Dozier, along with a second from Jesse Hill, the board unanimously approved going into closed session to discuss personnel.   

                  During closed session, the Board approved the following consent agenda items with a motion by Tommy Blake and a second from Shirley Threadgill.  The Board unanimously approved the motion. 

                       1.    Minutes from the Board Meetings dated August 4, 2014 and August 14th.

    2.    Personnel and Auxillary Reports as follows:

         a.    Upon the recommendation of the principal, approval of the following additions to the substitute teacher list:

                Noncertified                            Recommended By                Record Check

             1)    Brittany Wall                         Donna Kennedy                           Yes

    2)    Natasha Torrence                Beth Lancaster                             Yes

    3)    Yana Stevenson                  Kevin Lancaster                           Yes

    4)    Carrie Watkins                     Kevin Lancaster                           Yes

    5)    Julia Adams                         Joan Frye                                     Yes

    6)    Mary Hill                               Donnie Lynthacum                      Yes

    7)    Ellen Roose                          Joan Frye                                     Yes 

    b.    Superintendent reports the acceptance of the following resignations/retirements:

    Resignation/Retirement        School/Assignment              Effective Date

    1)    Heather Nance                   Page Street Elementary               08/14/2014

    Resignation                       Elementary Teacher

                 2)    Anthony Maynor                Candor Elementary                       07/31/2014

    Resignation                       Part-time Custodian

                  3)    Tamara Furr                     West Middle School                      08/06/2014

      Resignation                      EC Teacher

                  4)    Virginia K. Williams          West Montgomery High                 09/12/2014

    Resignation                       English Teacher

                  5)    Natalie Mauldin                 Star Elementary School                09/01/2014

     Retirement                        Elementary Teacher

                  6)    Matt Smith                        East Middle School                        09/26/2014

    Resignation                       ESL Teacher

                  7)    Angela Lester                   Green Ridge Elem.                        08/24/2014

    Resignation                       Child Nutrition Asst. Mgr.

                  8)    Kathy Johnson                  Central Office                               10/01/2014

    Retirement                         Chief Financial Officer

                  9)    Derrick Drake                   West Montgomery High                 09/03/2014

    Resignation                       Coach/PT Custodian


    c.    Upon recommendation, approval of the following probationary contracts for the 2014-2015 school year as provided by General Statute 115C-325:

        Effective Date                Assignment                          Check                   Replacing

     1)    Jaclyn Kennedy       Green Ridge Elementary                    Yes                 Jamie Johnson

    08/19/2014               Pre-K Teacher

     2)    Anita Mashburn       Green Ridge Elementary                     Yes                 Katie Tucker

    08/19/2014              Guidance

    3)    Anissa Gillis             Mt. Gilead Elementary                          Yes                 Natasha Torrence

    08/19/2014              4th Grade Teacher

    4)    Casey Galloway     East/West Montgomery                         Yes         Completed required Coursework   

    08/19/2014              Firefighter Inst.                                                

    5)    Kendall Greene       East Montgomery High                          Yes                 P/T to F/T Teacher

    08/19/2014              Dance Inst.

    6)    Maria Lemus           Green Ridge Elementary                        Yes                Nancy Williams

    08/19/2014              EC Teacher

     7)    Holly Caudle           Candor Elementary                                 Yes             

    08/19/2014              4th Grade Teacher

    8)    Candace Brasington   West Middle School                             Yes              Tamara Brewington

    08/19/2014                  ESL Teacher

     9)    Shelby Morris           Star Elementary                                      Yes               Sharon Romero

    08/20/2014               2nd Grade Teacher

    10) Opal Archie              Green Ridge Elementary                         Yes               Dee Dee Miller

    08/19/2014                EC Teacher

     11) Ben Carr                   West Middle School                               Yes               Ben Grindstaff

    08/19/2014                Social Studies Teacher

    12) Johni Lilly                  East Middle School                                  Yes               Rebecca Micco

    08/19/2014                7th Grade ELA Teacher

    13) Amanda Terry           East Middle School                                  Yes               Lauren Peter

    08/19/2014                7th Grade EC Teacher


    d.    Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for employment of  the following non-certified personnel:

     Employee/                                       School/                               Record

            Effective Date                                 Assignment                       Check                  Replacing

    1)    Angela Lester                  Green Ridge Elementary                    Yes                  Barbara Brower

    08/11/2014                      Child Nutrition Asst. Mgr.

           2)    Shelia Lassiter                 County Office                                     Yes                   Joyce McIntyre

    08/19/2014                      Child Nutrition Sub

           3)    Janice Williamson           County Office                                      Yes                   Genice Greene

    08/19/2014                      Child Nutrition Sub

            4)    Melvin Streeter               Candor Elementary                             Yes                   Anthony Maynor

    08/20/2014                      Part-time custodian


    e.    Report of the following transfers:


    Effective Date                     From                                 To                                Replacing

     1)    Genice Greene                    Star Elementary                Star Elementary            Betty Batten

     08/19/2014                      Child Nutrition Sub             Child Nutrition P/T

     2)    Barbara Brower            Green Ridge Elementary        Candor Elementary       Vancy LeGrande

    08/19/2014             Child Nutrition Asst. Mgr.        Child Nutrition Asst.

     3)    Kristy Holder                  East Middle School                 Candor Elementary      Darlene Smith

    08/19/2014               Child Nutrition Asst.               Child Nutrition Asst.

     4)    Chris Jonassen              West Middle School                  Troy Elementary         Angie Tofflemeyer

                  08/14/2014                Administrative Intern                  Inst. Facilitator               

      5)    Linda Sanders                East Montgomery High              West Middle               

    08/19/2014                     Teacher Asst.                         Teacher Asst.

     6)    Nancy Britton                   Troy Elementary                         West Middle

    08/19/2014                     Teacher Asst.                         Teacher Asst.

     7)    Angela Everett                 Troy Elementary                    East Montgomery High          

    08/19/2014                     Teacher Asst.                          Teacher Asst. 

     8)    Vance Thomas                 Troy Elementary                    County Office                  Lizzie Garner

    08/18/2014                      Principal                       Pre-K Coordinator/After School Coordinator

     9)    Tina Woody                    Troy Elementary                   Troy Elementary                Charlotte Burris

    08/19/2014                     Teacher Asst.                     Office Support

     10) Delores Mauldin             Central Office                         Central Office                    Alicia Blalock

    07/10/2014                     Payroll/Benefits Rep.         Office Support


    f.     Superintendent reports termination of employee:

     Employee                              School Assignment                         Effective Date

    1)    Tamara Brewington         West Middle/West High                       August 6, 2014

         ESL Teacher


    g.    Upon recommendation, approval of the following administrative contracts:

    ·         Angie Tofflemeyer, Interim Principal, Troy Elementary School, annual twelve-month term, commencing August 18, 2014 and ending June 30, 2016.

                ·         Amy Reynolds, Assistant Principal, Montgomery Learning Academy, annual eleven month term, commencing August 20, 2014 and                   ending June 30, 2016.

     h.    Upon recommendation of the superintendent, approval of recommendation for employment of the following bus driver/sub drivers for the 2014-2015 school year that are not dual employees:

    Charlene Kelly                                 Nellie McCready                        Stacy Byerly


    i.      Upon recommendation, approval of the following coaches for the fall 2014 sports season:

    West Montgomery High School

    Coach                            Sport

             Nick Eddins                    Football

             Dustin Braddock            Football

             Ken Neal                         Football

             Daniel Coggins               Football

             Eddie Swan                    Football

             Chris Brown                   Football

             Terry Callicutt                Football

             Shawn Clausell              Football

             Ralph Thompson           Soccer

             Angel Thompson            Soccer

             Earle Poole                    Cross Country

             Katie Kimrey                  Cross County

             Henry Panzer                 Volleyball

             Stephanie Panzer          Volleyball

             Vicki Panzer                   Volleyball

             Nick Eddins                    Athletic Director

             Seth Dunlap                   Athletic Director


    East Montgomery High School

             Coach                            Sport

             Mark Miller                     Athletic Director

             Chris Hadlock                Athletic Director/Soccer

             Mike Barrington             Athletic Trainer

             Meredith Johnson          Athletic Trainer

             Scott Blue                      Field Maintenance/Soccer

             Cindy Martin                   Cheerleading

             Sean Hassell                  Cross Country

             Mishele Hare                  Cross Country

             Philip Collett                   Football/Weight Room

             Ray Massey                   JV Football

             Ray Deaton                    Football

             Barry Jackson               Football

             Mike Loutzenheiser        Football

             Jerry Spencer                Football

             John Weiss                    Football

             Terry Appen                   Tennis

             Toni Kellis                       Tennis

             Leslie Shoffner               Volleyball

             Mike Stancil                   Volleyball


             West Middle School

             Coach                            Sport

             Jerimy Rinker                Football/Athletic Director

             Daniel Jones                  Football

             Mike West                      Football

             Shawn Clausell              Football

             Jessica Grooms             Volleyball

             Miranda Duell                 Volleyball

             Caleb Rushing               Cross Country

             Suzannah Laucher         Cross Country

             Stacey Corne                  Cheerleading

             TBA                                 Golf


             East Middle School

             Coach                            Sport

             Reggie Jackson             Football

             Nathan McCallum          Football

             Kirk Watts                      First Responder

             Kesha Collins                 Volleyball

             Lauren Peter                  Volleyball


    Upon recommendation approval of the following student transfer is requested.
    Montgomery County Schools to Stanly County Schools

               Nicholas H. Irvin

    Upon recommendation approval of the following overnight is requested.

    September 21-23, 2014West Montgomery High SkillsUSA to Skills USA Leadership Workshop, Camp Dixie, Fayetteville, NC

    April 9-11, 2015East Montgomery High School and West Montgomery High School Skills USA to Skills USA State Conference, Greensboro, NC

     Upon recommendation approval of the contract with “MyTown Originals”/Ohiopyle Prints, Inc. for East Montgomery High School and West Montgomery High School is requested.

           1.     School Sprit Wear by Ohiopyle Prints;

    2.     Budget Resolution:





     3.     Field trip request for WMHS JROTC.
                    After closed session, Chairman DeBerry asked for a motion to adjourn.  With a motion by Sandra Miller and a second from Jesse Hill, the meeting was duly adjourned.  

         The next regular meeting will be held on Monday, October 6, 2014.



                                                                                               Steven W. DeBerry, Chairman



                                                                                                Dale Ellis, Ed. D., Secretary


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