•                                                                           Monday, March 2, 2015

                                                                           6:30 p.m.    



    ·         Call to Order and Adoption of Agenda – Chairman, Steve DeBerry

    ·         Opening Devotional

    ·         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

    o   Green Ridge Elementary students Aidan and Asheton Lamonds




    • Resolution of Esteem for Geneva Mae Comer King (Enclosure 1) – Chairman DeBerry
    • Resolution of Esteem for Betty Lee Jordan Hamilton (Enclosure 2) – Chairman DeBerry
    • Resolution of Esteem for Alice A. Hamilton (Enclosure 3) – Chairman DeBerry
    • Employees of the Month for February– Dale Ellis and Donna Kennedy

    o   Anita Mashburn, Certified

    o   Theodore Horne, Classified

    • 2015 Spelling Bee Winner – Deidra Steed

    o   Alexis Barrington

    • Regional UNCP Science Fair – Deidra Steed

    o   David Steed, Candor Elementary, Winner

    o   Bradley Wright, Page Street Elementary, Honorable Mention

    o   Bryston Auman, Star Elementary, Honorable Mention

    • 1A State Wrestling Championship – Dale Ellis

    o   AJ Hill – Winner

    o   Levi Rushing – Runner up



    I. NC Public Schools Will Produce Globally Competitive Students

    • Presentation by Green Ridge Elementary “Reteach and Enrich: A Standards Based, Data Driven Approach To Targeted Interventions” – Donna Kennedy, Laurie Brown, Mary Wilson, Celia Knight and Lisa Bunting.

    II. NC Public Schools Will Be Led by 21st Century Professionals

    III. NC Public School Students Will Be Healthy and Responsible

    IV. Leadership Will Guide Innovation in NC Public Schools

    V. NC Public Schools Will be Governed and Supported by 21st Century Systems

    ·   Saturday School (Enclosure 8) – Dale Ellis

    ·   Policies (Enclosure 9) – Kevin Lancaster   Action Item

    o   Policy Code 4201/7271 NEW   Injury and Loss Prevention

    o   Policy Code 7540                       Voluntary Shared Leave

    o   Policy Code 7422          NEW   Deputy/Associate/Assistant Superintendent Contracts

    o   Policy Code 7425                      School Administrator Contracts

    o   Policy Code 7510                       Leave

    o   Policy Code 7635         NEW     Return to Work

    o   Policy Code 7820                       Personnel File

    o   Policy Code 7950                       Non-Career Status Teachers: Non-renewal

    o   Policy Code 9115          NEW    Prequalification of Bidders for Construction Projects

    o   Policy Code 9120                       Bidding for Construction Work

    o   Policy Code 9220                       Security of Facilities

    VI. Superintendent’s Remarks

    ·         Dale Ellis

     closed session for the purpose of DISCUSSING PERSONNEL [NC GENERAL STATUTE 143-318.11(a)(6)].

     ADJOURNMENT – Chairman DeBerry

     Agenda items are found on Board Notes at www.montgomery.k12.nc.us after each Montgomery County Board of Education Meeting.

Last Modified on March 3, 2015