•                                                                             Monday, August 3, 2015

                                                                       6:30 p.m.  



    ·         Call to Order and Adoption of Agenda – Chairman, Steve DeBerry

     ·         Opening Devotional

    ·         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America – Steve DeBerry




    ·         Retirement Presentations – Dale Ellis and Kevin Lancaster

    o   Joan Frye

    o   Susan Fox


    • Board Minutes from July 13, 2015 Board Meeting (Enclosure 1) – Pam Cameron
    • Personnel and Auxiliary Reports (Enclosure 2) –  Kevin Lancaster
    • Montgomery Community College Trustee Reappointments (Enclosure 3) – Dale Ellis

    I. NC Public Schools Will Produce Globally Competitive Students

    II. NC Public Schools Will Be Led by 21st Century Professionals

    III. NC Public School Students Will Be Healthy and Responsible

    IV. Leadership Will Guide Innovation in NC Public Schools

    V. NC Public Schools Will be Governed and Supported by 21st Century Systems

    ·         Policies (Enclosure 6) – Kevin Lancaster      Action Item

    o   Code 1310/4002 Parental Involvement

    o   Code 4110 Immunization and Health Requirements for School Admission

    o   Code 4600 Student Fees

    o   Code 4601 NEW Collection of Student Fees and Charges

    o   Code 7500  Workday and Overtime

    VI. Superintendent’s Remarks

    ·         Dale Ellis

    closed session for the purpose of DISCUSSING PERSONNEL AND STUDENT DISCIPLINE [NC GENERAL STATUTE 143-318.11(a)(6) and (a)(3)].

    ADJOURNMENT – Chairman DeBerry

    Agenda items are found on Board Notes at www.montgomery.k12.nc.us after each Montgomery County Board of Education Meeting.

Last Modified on August 5, 2015