The fall of 2014 was a very exciting time for Montgomery County Schools. It was during this time we learned that we were one of approximately 25 organizations to receive a federal i3 grant and one of only three school systems in the nation to receive it. To say we were honored would be an understatement. This grant has the potential to revolutionize education for our students. Please know the entire purpose of seeking this grant was to provide a high-quality 21st century education to ALL students in Montgomery County. With this grant, we will be solving the number one issue facing school systems as it relates to technology in general and the integration of technology in our classrooms: access.

    It is from this grant that we are implementing our new 1:1 program, aptly named ACCESS. We hope you will join us in recognition of this accomplishment. But securing the devices and rolling them out to students is only the first step in the process. There will be a lot of training and implementation steps to build the program into a successful one. In short, the work has just begun. However, I am very confident that we are taking steps in the right direction with the implementation of the ACCESS program. Our students are worth it and it will be they that ultimately benefit from this hard work. We appreciate your continued support of Montgomery County Schools and in the important work of this program. It is truly a community program, one that involved many organizations and individuals to help us move forward, and for that reason we are thankful to all of you.



    Dale Ellis, Ed. D