•  Welcome to Ms. Evans Class!

    Teacher: Chrsta Evans      Degree and Certification:Bachelor of Arts in Elementary EducationLicensed PreK-6Early Childhood Credentials        
    Assistant Co-Teacher: Shacorea Durham
    Degree and Certification:
    Early Childhood Credentials
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    Phone Number: (910) 974-4582Room Number: 501  In my classroom, we learn through social and communication skills, play, exploration, discovery, and teacher guided activities. 

    Our Pre-Kindergarten mission is to establish a foundation of leaning by encouraging, guiding, and teaching the students kindergarten readiness skills in the NC Pre-K program.  It is our belief that all children have individual worth and can succeed in the 21st century when given the positive foundation of learning opportunities. 


    The Frog’s Daily Schedule

    7:35-7:55 Arrival/Wash Hands/Morning Meeting

    7:55-8:00 Wash Hands

    8:00-8:20 Breakfast

    8:20-8:30 Transition activity/Wash hands

    8:30-8:50 Group time/Read Aloud

    8:50-9:50 Outside/Gross motor play

    9:50-10:00 Transition activity/Wash hands

    10:00-11:35 Center time/Free choice/Teacher guided small group

    11:35-11:45 Transition activity/Wash hands

    11:45-12:10 Lunch

    12:10-12:20 Transition activity/Wash hands

    12:20-12:50 Center Time/Free choice

    12:50-1:00 Transition activity

    1:00-2:00 Rest time/quiet toys for early risers

    2:00-2:15 Wash hands/Snack

    2:15-2:35 Read aloud/Pack Up and Dismissal

    *On rainy days we will go to the gym during outside time for gross motor play.

    **On half days we will have story time directly after lunch, followed by pack up and dismissal.

    ***Students are permitted free use of the bathrooms at all times, regardless of activities happening in the classroom at that time.


     This is a photo of my dog named Sassy.