Code of Conduct for Parents -
    A Plan for Launching Leaders
    1. Let the coaches do the coaching for all team members, including your child. 

    2. Support the program by volunteering to assist the team in some way.

    3. Be your child's best fan; support him or her unconditionally - however, do not enable bad behavior.

    4. Acknowledge your child's efforts on the field, as well as his or her support of team members, adherence to player responsibilities, etc.

    5. Support and root for all team members.  Work with your child to appreciate strengths in others.

    6. Model good sportsmanship at all times during practices and competition.  Understand and display appropriate game behaviors (e.g., watch; make positive remarks; don't berate players, officials or coaches).

    7. Encourage direct communication.  If your child is having difficulties in practice or games or can't make a practice, encourage him or her to speak directly to the coaches.  Encourage face-to-face interaction
      instead of virtual communication. 

    8. Monitor eating and sleeping habits.

    9. Help your child keep his or her priorities straight, maintaining a balance among schoolwork, family responsibilities, chores, free time and organized-sport participation. 

    10. Keep sport in its proper perspective: Sport should be fun for you and your child.

    11. If your child's performance produces strong emotions in you, maintain a calm demeanor. Your relationship with your child remains long after competitive sport days are over.  Keep your goals and needs separate from your child's experience. 

    12. Reality test:  Remind her/him to focus on the "process" and not only the "results."