• Standards of Ethics & Sportsmanship for Everyone

    Interscholastic athletic competition should demonstrate high standards of ethics and sportsmanship and promote the development of good character.

    1. Courage – having the determination to do the right thing even when others don't.

    2. Good Judgement – setting priorities in accordance with team, county, state, and national rules.

    3. Integrity – having the inner strength to be fair and courteous during athletic events.

    4. Kindness – be considerate, generous in spirit to the opposition; treating others as you would like to be treated.

    5. Respect – for coaches, officials, opponents, fans, administrators, self, team, and your school.

    6. Responsibility – showing reliability and consistency in words and conduct, and being accountable.

    7. Self-discipline – refraining from inappropriate behaviors and maintaining self-control at all times.