• Welcome to fourth grade! 


    I am looking forward to an exciting school year filled with fun, hard work, and learning new things! 

    I have been in education for 11 years now.  I taught kindergarten for 3 years, second grade for 4 years and this will be my 4th year in fourth grade. 

    I have a husband named David and one 4-year-old daughter Samantha.  Also, I have one sister and one brother. 

    I would like to point out a few things that you may have forgotten over the summer to help you get started this school year. 

    ·         Tardy bell rings for students at 7:50. Students arriving to school after 7:50 will be considered tardy.

    ·         Students will be dismissed from school at 2:35.

    ·         Breakfast is free for all students.

    ·         Lunch price for students is $2.25. 

    ·         Reduced lunch price for students is $.40.

    ·         Extra milk is $.50 for breakfast or lunch.

    ·         Adults pay per item selected from the menu.

    ·         We are still collecting Campbell’s soup labels and Box Tops for Education to earn money for instructional supplies.  

    ·         We will be having student conferences this year on November 9, 2017, and March 29, 2018.

    ·         You may access your child’s grades on HomeBase and I encourage you to do so.

    ·         Nightly reading will be required as part of each child’s homework this year along with a few math problems.  Total time for all homework will not take more than 50 minutes to complete.

    ·         The media center is also collecting used printer cartridges so don’t throw yours away!  Bring them to the media center to recycle.  The money earned is used to buy new materials for classroom use.

    ·         Students may check-in/check-out books in the media center after they eat breakfast but before they go to the gym in the mornings. 

    ·         All medication with proper medical documentation must be kept in the office.  No medicine is allowed in the classroom unless permission is given by the doctor or other administration.  Teachers may not administer medication to students.  The student must have a signed doctor’s order to be able to take medication at school (even for Tylenol, Advil, or other OTC medications.) Students may administer their own medication only if mandated by law or by doctor’s approval (e.g. asthma inhaler).

    ·         My planning time will be from 1:00-1:45. You may reach me by school phone or by text during that time or after school. 

    ·         Student planners will be on their computers.  Look for your child’s newsletter on their devices once we get started into the school year.

    ·         Students are not allowed to have phones or devices that play games out in the classroom.  They may keep them in their book bags only. 

    Below you will find a list of supplies your child will need this school year.  As the school year continues, these supplies will dwindle.  Please send additional supplies during the school year.  Typically, we need more supplies for your child around Christmas time and around Spring break. 

    ·         1 ½ inch binder with paper and dividers to separate sections for use for each subject

    ·         White board markers

    ·         Crayons and colored pencils

    ·         Regular or mechanical pencils and erasers

    You may send a water bottle with your child and a snack as long as these items stay put away until the appropriate time to get them out each day.  Please do not send juices or soft drinks with your child to school.

    Please do not allow your child to bring toys or makeup to school.  Also, remember we do have a dress code where shorts should be at least mid-thigh and tops should be at least three fingers wide at the shoulders.

    Again, I am looking forward to an exciting school year with you and your child.  You are included because it takes your child, you, and me to make a successful school year in fourth grade!


    Nancy McLendon

    Email: Mrs. McLendon's Email