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     2019-2020 School Improvment Team (Elected 2019)

    Carol Mosley, Chair, EC Representative

    Lane Prince, Secretary, Specials Teacher Representative

    Teresa Dunn, Principal 

    Dr. Rikki Baldwin - Assistant Principal 

    Rachel Leonard - Instructional Facilitator

    Allison Vanness - 3rd Grade Representative

    Janet Sechrest - 4th Grade Representative

    Nancy McLendon - 5th Grade Representative

    Helen Nicholson - Classified Staff Representative

    Parents: Melony Mortimer & Lauri Russell


     2019-2020 Meeting Dates (3 pm unless otherwise noted)

    8/12/19 - 9 am








    4/6/20 (virtual meeting)

    5/11/20 at 10 am (virtual meeting)

    6/12/20 (virtual meeting)


     Meeting Minutes - Click "Meeting Minutes" to view our 2019-2020 SIT minutes.




     Prior School Year SIT Minutes:

    August 2017

    Page Street Elementary
    Meeng Minutes
    Meeng Date:08/10/2017 ‐ 2:00pm Title: SIT Summer Planning Meeng Locaon: PSES
    I. Aendance Team Members: Teresa Dunn, Ashley Jones, Jennifer Nance, Bev Russell, Ron Weaver Guests: Ricki Baldwin, Carol Mosley II. Celebrate recent successes
    We are fully staffed!!! 19 students out of 29 third graders passed RTA camp. Summer Camp for teachers was successful, several PSES teachers aended. Merit went well. Mrs. Yarboro's baby arrived, a new Panther!! Rikki Baldwin joined our staff as an AP . Teachers had a good summer.
    III. Review and respond to coaching comments None at this me. IV. Approval of last meeng's minutes NA V. Old Business We are starng over at this point. VI. Indicators to Assess‐Create‐Monitor  Indicators Assessed 
    Objecves Planned For  Monitor (updates made) 
    Assess the indicators as a group aer we reviewed trend data for the past 4 years by grade, school, and subject. We will look at the 12 key indicators. A1.07 Classroom management is high priority for PSES and relavely easy to address through PBIS.
    Page 1 of 3
    A@.04 Standard aligned units of instrucon for each subject and grade level. This too will be easy to address because our PLC me has increased.  We need to ensure teachers come ready to share and store minutes and resources in a grade level binder housed in the PLC room. This comes back to our school goal of improving core instrucon. A4.01 Student Support Servics:  Teachers are aware of the process, but need further training in R Stored to beer support our students.   A4. 06 Emoonal Support For Students:  All teachers are in tune and support students needing emoonal support.  Guidance Counsellor addresses as needed.  Also, PSES has a good relaonship with outside agencies and behavior specialist.  This one we feel like we already do. A4.16  Student Support:  PSES partner with TES and WMS to coordinate visits for kids transioning.  B1.01 ELA Support Team.  ELA support and improvement team is made up of Cabinet Members and Directors from MCS. B2.03 School Structure.  This in in full implementaon.  Schedules are set and ready to go.  Documentaon will be uploaded. B3.03  Principal and IF use CWT tool to provide direct feedback on instrucon. C2.01 PD Needs School addresses in house and county provides training based on data (Math, REading Foundaons) C3.04 Maintaining Staff We are limited as a school what we can do to reward and recruit. E1.06 Communicaon with Families We schedule family nights, send home newsleers but this was more informaon.  We can easily address this indicator.
    VII. Other Business 
    Acon Taken:
    Assessed 12 Key Indicators, next we will plan for each indicator with SIT input. Master Schedule:  Discussed the schedule (adjust specials schedule, add in planning me for specials,) B. Russell recommended these schedules for the 2017‐18 school year, J. Nance 2nd the reccommendaon and all staff members were in agreement. Junior Beta Club will be added to PSES Dues/Assignment R. Weaver recommeded duty schedule, B.Russell 2nd it and all were in agreement. Fire Drills:  green card Fundraisers: donuts (5th grade to cover Field Trip, September), Buer Braids (October) to support PBIS rewards,  Giving Tree (Spring)  There will be dances throughout the year to rais money for grade levels. Parent Nights:  Title 1, RTA, 4/5 Break out and  PBIS (Aug 29th 5:30PM), Science Fair ( December 5th at 5:30PM) Literacy Fair Viewing March 29th, winners announced, due on Page 2 of 3
    December 5th at 5:30PM) Literacy Fair Viewing March 29th, winners announced, due on the 28 and judging will take place on the 28  J. Nance made a moon for Parent Nights, A. Jones 2nd the moon. Duty Free Lunch:  A. Jones put forth the moon that we don't have the staff to support duty free lunch.  R. Weaver seconded the moon and everyone was in agreement. Award Assemby:  Every 9 weeks  Nov 17th, Jan 26, April 13 End of Year Dates will be determined. Faculty Handbook: Include car rider numbers, J. Nance mooned for handbook, C. Mosley 2nd the moon and everyone was in agreement.  SIT will probably need to meet during workdays.
    VIII. Next Meeng Date: 09/11/2017 Time: 3PM Title: SIT Locaon: PLC Room IX. Adjourn 5PM


    September 2017

    Page Street Elementary - SIT Agenda

    Group: SIT TEAM – Page Street Elementary


    Place:  Conference Room

    Time:  3:00-4:30 pm

    Attended: Teresa Dunn, Lynn Epps, Ashley Jones, Audrey Morris, Jennifer Nance, Bev Russell, Ron Weaver

    Guest: Janet Sechrest


    Agenda Item




    1. Celebrations

     We have a parent rep!

    Year is off to a great start. Lines in hallway are going well. I-Ready testing is going well. Relationships are being built with parents. Place value is going well across all grade levels.

    2. SIP:  Review Indicators in Indistar; Create and Assess and PLAN

    Review SIP documents submitted to District Leadership Team

    Focus on NCStar Key Indicators: (indicators will changes as these are fully implemented)

    A1.07 – ALL teachers employ effective classroom management and reinforce classroom rules and procedures by positively teaching them.

    A2.04 – Instructional Teams develop standards-aligned units of instruction for each subject and grade level.

    A4.01 – The school implements a tiered instructional system that allows teachers to deliver evidence-based instruction aligned with the individual needs of students across all tiers

    C3.04 – The LEA/School has established a system of procedures and protocols for recruiting, evaluating, rewards, and replacing staff

    E1.06 – The school regularly communicates with parents/guardians about its expectations of them and the importance of the curriculum of the home (what parents can do at home to support their children’s learning).


    3. Master Schedule – any changes needed

    Third grade adjusted recess time.

    4. Daily Mile Track Location – Safety Expectations

    Teachers need to be walking and monitoring during Daily Mile. Where do we want out track located? Will have discussion with First Health to discuss other options. Get input from students. Grade levels discuss. In the meantime, keep it at the ball field. Have holes in field marked and filled with dirt. This is a safety issue.

    5. Hallway Huddle

    We will come up with a protocol to use for this to make sure it is happening. It is a very good practice if implemented. Quick, short bursts of discussions for goals, etc…for hallway huddle. Planning is much deeper during grade level planning and PLCs.

    6. Breakfast – Students coming late to class


    Breakfast monitors make sure kids report to gym after breakfast, students should not be going to classrooms before the 1st bell rings. We will ask Mr. Douglas to take the morning duty at East wing hall. Teachers, please don’t send kids back to the office for a note if they were at school on time, but were late coming from breakfast. This should improve over time. We will revisit as needed.

    7. Fifth grade fundraiser for Muddy Sneakers – Krispy Kreme (dates for event)

    Sept. 18-29. Pickup Oct 5th in Art Room from 1-5:30 pm

    8. Awards Assembly for first 9 weeks – Nov. 17th: time and awards to be given out?

    SIT members should talk to their grade level/specials teachers about what awards they can come up with for our quarterly awards ceremony. We will discuss at our next SIT meeting to get a consistent list across the school. We will discuss time for awards then too.

    9. Car rider drop-off in AM – parents having to get to WMS by 7:45 am

    Discuss among grade levels the possibility of starting breakfast at 7:15 am. (Mrs. Dunn will talk to cafeteria staff to see if this is possible for them.) If this changes to 7:15 am, then teachers would need to be here for duty at 7:15 am, but would leave ten minutes earlier each afternoon. We are also checking on the Grab and Go breakfast. This discussion will continue at our next SIT meeting. Breakfast will continue at 7:25 am until further notice.

    10. Closed Session:

    Safety/Crisis Plan




    October 2017

    Page Street Elementary - SIT Agenda

    Group: SIT TEAM – Page Street Elementary

    Date/Time: October 2, 2017

    Place:  Conference Room

    Time:    3:00-4:00 pm


    Attended: Teresa Dunn, Bev Russell, Ashley Morris, Ron Weaver, Audrey Morris, Jennifer Nance, Lynn Epps


    Agenda Item




    1.    Celebrations


    2.    Approval of Last Month’s Minutes


    3.    Old Business:

    Awards Assembly – Awards to be given out and Time for Assembly (ies)


    Car Rider Drop-off in AM Start breakfast at 7:15 am and change hours for certified staff arrival to 7:15 am, adjusting leave time for certified staff accordingly.


    Hallway Huddle Protocol



    Awards Assembly: Awards to be given out at Assembly are: Perfect Attendance for the Nine Weeks, Math Award (teacher selected), Reading (4th grade top 5 RC in each class; others top in each class), Bus Award (1 am rider and 1 pm rider from each bus), Student of the Month recognized, PBIS Award (student who demonstrates expectations on daily basis), A Honor Roll and A/B Honor Roll. Each specials teacher will give one award per grade.

    Date: Nov. 17th; Awards Assembly Times: 3rd -  12:00 pm;  4th- 1:00 pm;         5th – 1:45 pm

    Car Rider Drop-off – Leave as is for now – Staff arrives at 7:25 am


    Hallway Huddle Protocol – Two positives; indicator discussions


    4. SIP:  Review Indicators in Indistar; Create and Assess and PLAN; Review Dos and revise/update as needed


    Need to review: A1.07, A2.04, A4.01, C3.04, E1.06

    Need to assess: A1.03, A1.05, A2.01, A2.05

    A1.03 – Limited - The LEA/School will promote a school culture in which professional collaboration is valued and emphasized by all. 

    A1.05 – Limited - ALL teachers will individualize instructional planning in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment to provide support enhanced learning opportunities for students.

    A2.01 – Limited - Instructional Teams will meet regularly (e.g., twice a month or more for 45 minutes each meeting) to review implementation of effective practice and student progress.

    A2.05 – Limited - ALL teachers will develop weekly lesson plan based on aligned units of instruction.

    We continue to work on developing steps and plans for these indicators that are identified as limited.

    5. Math Goal Team – review BOY i-Ready data

    Algebra and geometry are areas we need to focus on for math.  


    6. Literacy Goal Team – review BOY i-Ready and BOY mClass data

     Areas of concern for reading are phonics and sight words.  


    7. 5th grade recess time – is there a way to split the classes up so only two classes are out at a time for recess?

    Going to try two classes doing Daily Mile while the other two are at recess, then switch.


    8. Clubs – Is there a way to incorporate clubs into our schedules?


    Talk to grade levels. Already have Fitness Club, Art Club, and Battle of the Books after school. Do we want to find a way to put this into the daily schedule once a month, once every two weeks? What other clubs could we offer?

    9. Birthday Celebrations and other staff celebrations

    Talk to grade level about it and bring back ideas


    10. Attendance Celebrations for Certified and Classified Staff – Do we want to continue this for this school year?

    From Handbook (was part of attendance celebration last year): Certified and Classified staff that have perfect attendance for a month will get a free meal from Subway. Orders will be taken on the first Thursday after the end of a month. Everyone’s attendance is important to the overall effectiveness of our school and the positive impact we make on our students.


    This will be not be provided due to funding. It is believed private funding was used for it last year.  Mrs Epps made the motion and Mrs. Jones 2nd it.


    11.  Car Rider Pass- Is there a way we can give students a note like we do for buses?

    We said in the meeting that this could be possible; however, after Mrs. Dunn talked with Sherry and Martha about it, they suggested putting the transportation change sheets on the two front doors used by students when leaving. Teachers should check this list as they leave. (The issue discussed at SIT is that the email sent out by Martha each afternoon is not being checked by some teachers, causing the issue with students getting on the bus rather than going to car riders.) Sherry and Martha are trying to keep from disturbing classrooms by calling students to the office to get passes. Bus passes are necessary due to the driver needing to know where the student will be getting off the bus.


    12. Resources – Flocabulary, Mailbox book


    We will purchase one Flocabulary and see how it goes.  We believe we have the mailbox book in the building, if not we will revisit.






    November 2017

    Page Street Elementary - SIT Agenda


    Group: SIT TEAM – Page Street Elementary

    Date/Time: Nov. 6, 2017

    Place:  Conference Room

    Time:  3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

    Attended: Teresa Dunn, Bev Russell, Ron Weaver, Ashley Jones, Jennifer Nance (not in attendance: Audrey Morris, Amy Yarboro, Lynn Epps)


    Agenda Item




    1. Celebrations

    Congratulations to Jennifer Nance on winning the FSI Office Teacher of the Week for week 9!

    Butter Braid fundraiser went well – raised a little over $2700. Thanks to parents and students!

    Intramurals are a big hit with students!

    We received the Duke Energy Science Grant again this year and are excited to have a science night coming soon!


    2. Approval of Last Month’s Minutes

    Minutes were approved for October.

    Mrs. Dunn made the motion, Mr. Weaver made a second, all agreed.

    3. Old Business:

    5th grade recess – Did plan work for splitting classes up for Daily Mile/Recess?


    Clubs – Other clubs we could offer?


    Birthday Celebrations and other staff celebrations



    5th grade recess – plan is working at this time.


    Clubs – Good with what we have right now. With intramurals being added once a month during specials on Friday, we have lots to offer a variety of students.


    Staff Celebrations – Sunshine will look into this.

    4. SIP: Review Indicators in Indistar and Dos in SIP.


    Create and Monitor –





    Need Documentation for:









    SIP Dos for Reading/Math/Science


    We updated the Create and Monitor indicators listed to left in NCStar. Team members were assigned to indicators for collection of artifacts.


    Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Dunn are gathering artifacts for the ones we need documentation for now.


    Goals, Dos, current data, and root causes were reviewed from our SIP. All teachers should reflect on the dos and data to ensure we are all moving in the same direction with the same goals. ALL teachers must focus on PDSA and trend data that shows our students are making improvements in learning every cycle. We are also planning Differentiated PD that will presented to all staff.


    Non-negotiables discussed: PDSA and Guided Reading

    5. Purchase of Owl Pellets – fourth grade

    We need a cost for the owl pellets before we can make the decision to purchase. Please get this amount to Mrs. Dunn ASAP.

    6. Christmas Party

    Sunshine (Bev, Lane, and Janet) will call some places to see what is reasonable and available. Information will be shared with staff as they learn more. Each staff member’s meal will be paid for up to $15. Spouses/dates that attend will need to pay for their own meal.

    7. Learning Walks

    Learning Walks will take place by grade level as we can schedule these within the next few weeks. Fifth grade will visit third grade on 11/7/17 from 9:30-10:15 am. Other grades will be scheduled soon and the schedule will be sent out.

    8. Science Fair – scheduled for Dec. 5, 2017. Do we need to reschedule to January?

    The Science Fair has been moved to January 16th when projects are due to school. Judging will take place on Jan. 16th and parents can view projects from 5:30-6:30 pm. Students can begin bringing in projects on January 12th. All projects need to be taken home from the Science Fair Viewing on January 16th or the next day.

    9. Daily Five

    Due to several teachers asking about structures for being able to do guided reading, we will implement Daily Five starting next Tuesday, 11/14/17. Mrs. Russell will do an introduction to Daily Five at our November Faculty Meeting, 11/13/17. We will make some modifications to the structure so that it is from grades 3-5 friendly. Details about Daily Five, basics for implementation, and a plan will be provided to teachers. All teachers will be provided the implementation documentation this week – please review and be prepared to discuss at our faculty meeting.

    10. Yearbook

    Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Starnes, Mrs. Lalor, and Mrs. Perez will do our yearbook this year. Please take pictures with your class throughout the year. Most have access to our school Facebook page. They can access your photos on the Facebook page or you can send them pictures through email.


     December 2017

    Page Street Elementary - SIT Minutes


    Group: SIT TEAM – Page Street Elementary

    Date/Time: Dec. 4, 2017

    Place:  Conference Room

    Time:  3:00 pm

    Attended: Jennifer Nance, Bev Russell, Ron Weaver, Audrey Morris, Lynn Epps, Teresa Dunn

    Visitor – Justin Soos as fifth grade representative


    Agenda Item




    1. Celebrations

    Mrs. Nance is heading to the Panther’s game this weekend!

    Mrs. Hempstead’s surgery went well and she’s recovering.

    The substitute is doing great in Mrs. Hempstead’s class while she is out.

    Fifth grade interventions are going well – they’ve started switching up classes again with groups.

    Fourth grade is doing common assessment in reading and math this week – looking for some great success with grade cam.

    Intramurals still going great. Students really enjoy it as a PBIS celebration.

    Students love Prodigy.

    Mrs. Audrey Morris’ reports in SRI scores have grown in her classes – students are seeing growth!

    2. Approval of Last Month’s Minutes

    Motion to approve – Nance

    2nd - Weaver

    3. Old Business:


    Birthday Celebrations and other staff celebrations




    Cost for Owl Pellets from fourth grade?


    Learning Walks for grade 3 and 4





    Money is an issue. Going to keep talking about it.  

    Talk at Staff meeting about doing something special in January – each week , such as a special snack or soup week.


    No cost for pellets received at this time.


    We will work with Mrs. Beasley to plan in January.

    4. SIP: Review Indicators in Indistar and Dos in SIP.







    Need Documentation for:









    SIP Dos for Reading/Math/Science - Review



    Non-negotiables discussed: PDSA and Guided Reading, adding in Daily Five components (modified as needed to meet our needs in upper grades)


    Lesson plans will continue to be monitored for core instructional practices, PDSA reflection, guided reading, and daily five.


    Focus on our goals –

    Reading – 54% or more of our students will be proficient in 2017-2018

    Math – 51% or more of our students will be proficient in 2017-2018

    Science -



    Mrs. Russell and Mrs. Dunn are collecting artifacts to upload into NCStar. We have to submit the plan in NCStar by Dec. 8th.

    5. A+ Program – schedule for fifth grade

    Thursdays and Fridays –12:45-1:45 pm; 1:45-2:30 pm

    The 12:45-1:45 is science/ss time and will rotate between teachers so the same class isn’t missing science/ss.


    6. NC Check-in Data Review

    Strength – fifth grade reading.

    Area for improvement – fourth grade math – district is looking for something to support fourth grade math – have sent a link for teachers to use as a resource.

    Teachers should continue to review check in materials during interventions with small groups. This is only available for 90 days and will be removed from the sight. It has been suggested to screen shot the data so you will have the data after 90 days.

    7. Duke Energy – date needed for Science Night

    April 10th at 5:30 – drop-in until 7:00 pm. Stations will be set up throughout the building. Students and parents can visit rooms to participate and receive a homework pass for completing three stations.

    8. December 18th and 19th Activities

    Dec. 18th - Special Pajama Day – teachers should pick out a rated G movie and have it approved by Mrs. Dunn. Hot chocolate will be served. Teachers should have their class party on this date too.


    Dec. 19th – Sing-a-long starting at 8:10 am. All classes will come to the gym and sit by grade level. Mr. Weaver and Mrs. A. Morris will plan the songs and activities. Mrs. Epps is checking on getting the big blow up screen from the Town of Troy and possibly the sound system they use. (She was able to secure these items for us!) The assembly will last until 9:15 am. Lunch starts at 9:30 am.

    9. Do we want to do something special as a school during the school days for the week of Dec. 11th-15th for the upcoming holidays?

    Monday – Show off your Inner Rudolph - wear red

    Tuesday – You can’t catch the Gingerbread Man – dress up in workout clothes

    Wednesday – Sometimes we can be a little Grinchy - wear green

    Thursday – Head to Toe Holiday Spirit – wear a holiday hat, socks or head band

    Friday – Wacky Tacky Christmas – Get tacky with your Christmas attire

    10. Title I money – Leveled Readers?

    Poster Maker?

    We have $2,456.64 and $2,625.18 available in state and federal funds. The leveled reader sets we are looking at could cost up to $6,000. Using the funds available, this would leave teachers without money to purchase any classroom supplies they need, but the team sees the need for guided reading sets of books.


    We have talked to PTO about splitting cost of one set. Hope to have more information on that soon.


    We will look at Montgomery Fund in the Spring to apply for a grant – suggestion from Lynn Epps and the team agreed.


    The team decided to set up a Donors Choose and see how much money we could get from that request. We hope to be able to get all needed to purchase the sets of books.


    Teachers will receive money from state and federal funds to use in their classrooms to purchase the needed supplies.


    Poster Maker – cost to repair and purchase the new part is just over $700. Could this become a PTO project? Will be discussed at the PTO meeting on Dec.





    11. So You Think Your School Rocks Fundraisers

    Christmas Dance money and Valentine Dance money would go for SYTYSR


    Valentine Dance will be on February 8, 2018 after school