• Student Parking Application

    Montgomery County Early College Parking Regulations

    1. Parking a vehicle on campus is considered a privilege for students.  Each student who drives must obtain his/her own parking tag and register their car with the MCEC Office.  Students may NOT park on campus without a tag.  Students may NOT share tags. Parking tags are NOT transferable. If a student no longer needs a tag, it must be turned in to the administration.  Any vehicle that may be driven on campus by the student must be listed on the application.
    2. Students are not permitted in the parking lot during school hours without permission from the MCEC office. Students may not be in the MCHS parking lot without prior permission (athletics, band, etc.)
    3. The school is not responsible for damage to private vehicles. All vehicles must be licensed and covered by insurance. School administration will not mediate any disputes arising from vehicle accidents. It is the student’s responsibility to report any such accident to the NC Highway Patrol immediately.
    4. All Early College student’s cars parked on campus may be subject to search if there is reasonable suspicion to believe that drugs, alcohol, vapes, tobacco, weapons, or other contraband might be present in the vehicle. Drug dogs may be brought on campus and in the parking lots at any time. Any contraband discovered in the vehicle driven on campus by a student is considered to be in the possession of that student. Any other occupants of the vehicle may also face disciplinary action.
    5. Parking tags are to be displayed while on campus.
    6. There will be no speeding or reckless driving (including spinning tires) on the school campus. Students must not ride on top of cars. The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour.
    7. Students must follow the designated traffic patterns, and driving laws, and must not drive in any area which is not within these traffic patterns. Students should approach crosswalks with extreme caution and watch for pedestrians.  Students seen driving across grassy areas, across medians, around barriers, or in other unauthorized areas or not parking properly in a spot will have their parking privileges suspended.
    8. Leaving campus without permission or driving another student off campus who has not legally checked out in the front office will result in the suspension of parking privileges as well as disciplinary action.
    9. Loitering, cruising, and/or playing loud music, sirens, horns, or loudspeakers in parking lots are not allowed.
    10. Students must sign in at the MCEC office anytime they arrive after 8:00 AM and they must sign out at the front office to leave again. Once students sign out, they must leave campus within ten minutes.
    11. Additional rules and procedures are in the Student Handbook.  Students who drive to school agree to follow all rules governing driving to and parking on the school campus. These rules will be strictly enforced.  Monetary fines, suspension of driving privileges, towing, and suspension from school may be imposed when violations occur.
    12. Please drive carefully and pay attention to any directions/instructions which might be posted or announced concerning parking.