• Mrs. Pearle Pratt


    Contact Information: Feel free to reach out to me using the information below.

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    ==>   Montgomery County Early College:  910-898-9690


    Course Information: Honors English (9-12)

    Honors English offers college and career preparatory students the opportunity to engage with a range of complex texts from a variety of literary styles, periods and genres, including print, sound and visual texts. Students will read fiction and non-fiction, in the form of essays, excerpts, speeches and they will write for a variety of purposes, including creative, expository, expressive and argumentative. The course also requires students to complete performance-based learning projects that allow students to demonstrate mastery of content, to engage in self-expression, and to communicate a unique perspective. Our class will participate in oral discussions topics that relate to the human condition and the social, economic, legal, medical, educational, moral and ethical aspects of daily life.


    Canvas Tips

    All assignments will be posted in Canvas. To access your work, login to your Canvas account and select your course from your dashboard. Then, scroll down to Modules (left-hand side of the screen). You will find your assignments under the modules that correspond to the date. Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance if you need it. 


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