Mt. Gilead Elementary

    Mt. Gilead Elementary Mission Statement: 
    Mt. Gilead Elementary School will provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment
    where every child will receive 21st century teaching and learning.
    Our School’s Vision
    Mt. Gilead in conjunction with parents and community is committed to building self esteem,
    enhancing creativity and individuality and developing healthy life styles, while incorporating
    technology to help create a 21st century approach to learning.
    The School Pledge:
    I am a student of good character at Mt. Gilead Elementary School.
     I dream of a school where everyone shows respect to each other.
     I believe I am responsible for my actions.
    I will be an honest, fair, caring school citizen each day.
    School Overview
    Our school colors are purple and green,
    and our school mascot is the gator.

    The school motto is “Gators Rule.”

    Our school song is....

    ‘Neath blue skies and golden leaves of Autumn,
    stands our school Mt. Gilea

    Always true to what she teaches,
    this our school Mt. Gilead.

    As we live our lives adore her,
    this our school Mt. Gilead.

    Teachers who have shaped our future,
    still hold dear, Mt. Gilead.

    Onward through the years sustain us,
    this our school Mt. Gilead.

    As we live our lives adore her,
    this our school Mt. Gilead.

    -- Written and put to music by Mr. Corey Dawkins



     We strive to strengthen the dignity of everyone in our school family by providing a safe and fair learning environment where each child learns at his or her own rate. By thinking of the “WE” and not the “ME,” we keep focused on the highest standards of excellence in teaching and learning.


    Mount Gilead Elementary provides educational services for the community of Mount Gilead, NC.  We serve approximately 400 students in grades Pre-K through fifth. 



Last Modified on March 18, 2019