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    East Montgomery High School Vision Statement

    East Montgomery High School will develop the skills and knowledge necessary for students to succeed and prosper in the 21st Century, leading to a lifetime of responsible citizenship. 

    East Montgomery High School Mission Statement

    East Montgomery is committed to providing a safe environment where students are prepared to become members of a highly competitive and culturally diverse society. Our students will be challenged to develop the necessary tools to help them become responsible citizens.

    East Montgomery High School Belief Statement

    1. The best education available must be offered to our students with the resources available.
    2. The responsibility for the best education is shared by our faculty, administration, students, parents, and community.
    3. A safe, caring environment where students are held to high standards is essential in assisting students in achieving their full potential.
    4. Achieving excellence demands that we continuously evaluate curriculum, instruction, and data.
    5. Diversity must be understood, embraced, and celebrated for true success to be achieved.
    6. Accountability and integrity are important values in the learning environment and life.