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    Honors Teacher Cadet 1 & 2


    Kay Cagle-Kinch

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    Class Schedule: Honors Teacher Cadet 1 & 2

    1st Period: 8:00 - 9:25

    2nd Period: 9:30 - 10:55  



     Honors Teacher Cadet 1 & 2 Syllabus


    Honors Teacher Cadet 1 & 2

    Instructor: Mrs. Cagle-Kinch


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    1st Period: 8:00 - 9:25

    2nd Period:  9:30 - 10:55


    The purpose of this class is to encourage academically able students who possess exemplary interpersonal and leadership skills to consider teaching as a career.  This class will provide you as a future community leader with insight into teachers and schools so that you may be a community advocate for education.  You will also have a better understanding of child development and aspects of how children learn and understand. The Teacher Cadet class is an introduction to those interested in the teaching profession.  

    Activities in the class include:

    1. Lecture, discovery, discussion, digitally enhanced lessons, role-playing, problem-solving, decision-making, simulation, debate, and observation activities in order to expose you to different methods of teaching.
    2. Learning about various personnel in the educational system and their responsibilities (superintendent, school-level administration, instructional facilitators, school board members, guidance counselors, psychologists, various therapists, etc.).
    3. Discussions both positive and negative aspects of the field of education.
    4. Learning about educational career opportunities and receiving information about available scholarships and college support options.
    5. Read current newspaper articles, professional journals, and texts that relate to education and teaching 
    6. Field experience and observations in a variety of educational classes are also part of this class.

    Classroom Expectations

    1. Students will arrive at class on time, prepared and ready to learn.
    2. Students will complete all assignments, including homework, by all deadlines unless 
    3. All students will be silent and respectful while other students are presenting, reading, etc.
    4. The teacher and student will work together for a respectful and safe classroom.
    5. Participation in class discussions will enhance all students' learning experiences. 
    6. Students are expected to have all assigned readings completed; this may require some reading to be completed outside of the classroom. 
    7. Cell phones and any other personal items should be off during class unless they are used as instructional items.
    8. Students will have transportation to and from their work experience and observation sites.   

    Student Evaluation - Grading Policy 1st Semester

    Tests, Projects, & Major Papers         35%

    Quizzes, Classwork                            25%

    Class Participation                              20%

    Homework                                          20%


    Course Summary - 1st Semester

    Unit 1:  The Learner

    Section 1: Know Thyself

    Section 2: The Role of Self-Esteem

    Section 3:  Overview of human growth and development

    Section 4:  Discovering the World: Birth through 5 years

    Section 5: Making sense of the World: 6 through 10 years

    Section 6:  Confusion about the world: Adolescence 

    Section 7:  Special Education for special children

    Section 8:  Barriers to Learning

    Unit 2: The Teacher and Teaching

    Section 1:  The Teacher

    Section 2:  The process of Teaching

    Section 3:  Methods of Teaching

     Second Semester - Grading Policy

    Field Experience                               30%

    Presentation                                     40%

    Class Participation & Classwork      30%

    Unit 3:  The School

    Section 1:   Appreciating Our Teachers

    Section 2:  Schools of Choice

    Section 3:   Who runs this place?
    Section 4:   From here to the future

    Field Experience

    Unit 4:  Culminating Activities

    Section 1:  End of Course Activities - Student Presentations