Mrs. Moore
  • College:                               North Carolina State University 

    Degree                               Bachelor of Arts in Political Science conc. in Law & Justice  

    License:                             Professional Educator License in Social Studies (9-12) 

    Courses Taught:              Civics &Economics, World History, African American Studies 

    Committees:                       Hospitality Committee and Prom Committee


    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Invovlement

    • The Teacher Affinity Group (TAG): is designed for underrepresented teachers to come together in a safe place to discuss, share and explore their experiences, and work to increase opportunities for all students. 
    • Teaching in Color (TIC): Professional Learning Network (PLN) for teachers interested in collaborating with internal and external supports to eliminate the achievement gap and improve educational outcomes for children, parents, staff, and advocates.
    • The MultiCultural Club: is designed to promote cultural awareness, diversity, and tolerance within Montgomery Central High Schoool through the exploration of various backgrounds. 


    Contact Info: