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    Amanda Carrick, MA. Dance Teacher 

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    Contact information

    Amanda Carrick 

    910-448-9641 (East Montgomery Fall 2020)

    910 -576-6511 (Montgomery Central - Spring 2020  - EST opening) 


    Virtual office hours : 4pm- 5:30 Please email me directly with questions, and please call to arrange a phone conference if necessary! 

    Dance Class Fall 2020:

    Students in my class can expect to learn about dance as a primary mode of human expression and communication. By viewing live and recorded performances and engaging in specific readings, dance can be viewed through a variety of lenses to explore its development and existence (social, cultural, historical, gender and human sexuality, self identity, and political).  In movement exercises and through readings and videos, we can experience movement and expression, and we can compare and contrast dance traditions in the West and all over the world.

    We will develop vocabularies for discussing types of movement and move towards learning a framework for creating, experiencing, 'reading' and viewing dance. We will deepen our understanding of dance, choreography, and movement forms (i.e., technique, learn how to articulate what we see, perceive, and feel in dances.

    This fall we have a new opportunity to grow together and learn in new ways. The schedule we will follow is intended to be flexible for both learning and outcomes!   Some days we will meet LIVE via Google meet and complete self paced or collaborative work with peers, whereas other days we may meet LIVE via Zoom for 45 minutes, working on dance steps, practicing and dancing, or discussing and viewing dance, with just a few minutes following for journaling. This will vary and the schedule provided below is simply a rough guideline.

    Currently the course is accessed via Canvas https://montgomery.instructure.com/ 

    1st period via Google meet 8am (link in Canvas and google classroom)

    3rd period via Google meet 12pm (link in Canvas and google classroom)

    4th period via Google meet 1:45pm (link in Canvas and google classroom)

    Please note = >>>> more information can be found on each course period Canvas page! 

    for more information, Grades, Syllabus, etc, please check your actual class page on Canvas. 

     I can't wait to meet all of you in person! 

    Amanda Carrick