Principal's Message

  • Anne McLean




    Greetings from the Wolf Den! I am so excited about the 2021-22 school year. This summer, as I’ve seen students and student athletes in our buildings and on our fields and courts, I’ve rolled all sorts of ideas through my head about how to approach this new school year. It will be our first full year in our new building, and there is so much I want us all to accomplish. Before we can meet goals, though, we have to decide what we truly want Montgomery Central High School to be, to stand for, to represent.


    Our football program’s theme this year is #Believe. I believe in our athletic programs and in our coaches’ vision of not just being great but of being elite. And that’s what I want for our entire school community, not just for athletics. I’m going to #BelieveBeyond that Montgomery Central High School as a whole will be ELITE.


    This school year, after one of challenge and sometimes heartache, is ripe for laying our foundation and creating a student-centered culture that will sustain our vision and mission for years to come. From researching, sculpting and singing to cooking, computing, and playing a sport, we are going to fill our classrooms and fields with exciting activities and competitive teams. I believe that what we will do together at Montgomery Central is going to be academically, artistically, and athletically elite. I believe we can become the best high school in NC. And I want you to believe, too!


    Let’s all work hard, be kind, and support each other as we establish an elite Timberwolf Team. Let’s all #BelieveBeyond!



    Anne McLean, Principal