• MCEC Student Volunteer Service Recognition

    Montgomery County Early College (MCEC) seeks to graduate students who are well-rounded and know the value of giving back to their community. This program is designed to honor our students whose volunteer service enriches our schools and community. 

    What are the requirements?

    Volunteers must record their service hours from activities completed at school, church, and other community organizations on the MCEC Volunteer Service Tracking Form. Volunteer service hours from the first day of summer vacation through May 1 of the following year may be submitted. Volunteer hours are defined as those contributions of time made to the school, church, or organization that have a direct benefit to our community. Volunteer service to a school should include hours beyond what a student is required to do as a part of their participation in athletics or extra-curricular activities.  Students cannot receive monetary compensation for their service and service hours cannot be mandated by the courts.

    During a normal school year, students must earn 36 hours per year to be recognized at graduation – However due to COVID, this has been amended:  2020-2021 = 3 hours.

    (Hours required per graduation year:   2024 = 111 hours, 2025+ = 144 hours)

    How to get started?

    1. Begin a service log using the MCEC Student Volunteer Tracking Form.
    2. Obtain the signature of a supervising adult on the tracking sheet for each service activity.
    3. Return your completed form to the MCEC office by May 4th of each year.

    What do recipients receive?

    • A personalized certificate MCEC Fall Awards Ceremony each year they complete the required hours of service during the 9th, 10th or 11th grade year.
    • Students who complete the full-service hour requirements by May 1 during their Senior year will also be recognized in the graduation bulletin for receiving the Volunteer Service Award


    Volunteer Tracking Form 

    Additional copies of this form may be picked up in the office or printed and included as needed. Please return completed form to MCEC’s Office by May 1 to be recognized at graduation.