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    Welcome to 4th Grade!!!

    Class of 2029
    Leathea Woodruff
    4th Grade Teacher
    Click here for all the sites we use in class:    

    Digital Citizenship lessons: https://sos.fbi.gov/index.html                                         Fill out this Survey: https://tinyurl.com/y4r3fsz6

     Username:  lgwoodruff  Password:  green1
     click this link to go to Freckle (MUST USE CHROME)    
    Click this link to go to ReadWorks Class codes: Woodruff , Bunting 
    Our Schedule
     Lunch 11:05-11:00
     Specials 10:15-11:00
    Week A- Art PE Library Guidance STEAM
    Week B- Music PE Library Guidance STEAM
    Week C- Homeroom PE Library Guidance STEAM
    *Feel free to join us anytime!


Last Modified on June 12, 2020