• East Middle School Basketball


    Dress Code

    On game days student athletes are allowed to wear their team jerseys to school. However there will be game days when they will be required to wear a buisness/casual attire to school. When students are allowed to wear alternative clothing all basic dress code policies (No profanity, vulgar images or language, etc.) will still apply.  Please review the information below for what is considered acceptable dress for student athletes. 
    Young Men

    ·        Dress slacks

    ·        Khaki Pants  (no cargo pants)

    ·        Button up  shirts

    ·        Neck Ties

    ·        Dress shoes

    ·        Canvas Shoes

    ·        Any other casual style footwear

    Young Ladies

    ·        Pants Suits

    ·        Dress Pants

    ·        Khaki  Pants (no cargo pants)

    ·        Skirts (length & size appropriate according to EMS dress code)

    ·        Blouse

    ·        Sweaters

    ·        Polo Shirts

    ·        Dress Shoes

    ·        Canvas Shoes

    ·        Any other casual style footwear

Last Modified on September 30, 2019