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     Your Schools 101 is a series of FREE family empowerment trainings to increase parental and community involvement in schools.
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    Welcome to Your Schools 101!  This year, with the input of parents, staff members and community stakeholders, we have put together an outstanding course offering for Montgomery County Schools parents.

    Your Schools 101 is a dynamic set of workshops, seminars and classes that will be offered at various locations throughout the community.

    Our goal is to increase parent participation in seminars by making them accessible, affordable (free) and well-publicized throughout the entire county.  Its four major strands: tools for parents, health and wellbeing, school success, and personal growth and development for parents have the common objective to build stronger families, healthier citizens and better-educated young people.  Accomplishing these goals will create a stronger community as well.

    We hope you find the courses in this catalog useful and will attend many of them. It is imperative that we work together to build strong relationships and support systems in order for our children to achieve at high levels.  It takes a village to raise our children; together we will prepare our students to achieve at the highest levels possible.

    The Your Schools 101 initiative is made possible through the generous support of corporate partners.  We appreciate their continued support of Montgomery County Schools.
    If you have questions about Your Schools 101, please contact Katie Hursey at (910) 576-6511, ext. 271 or your child’s school.