• Welcome to EC - OCS, Curriculum and Instruction, and Inclusion

    Name: Linda Anundson
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    Phone number:  910.439.6191  Cell:  910.572.6511

    Please feel free to contact me at West Montgomery High School if you have any questions or concerns. I am here to help your children be successful.
    Current Schedule:
    1st Period - OCS Math (LDME) and Curriculum and
    2nd Period - Curriculum and Instruction
    3rd Period - OCS Math (Financial Management) and
                          Curriculum and Instruction
    4th Period - OCS Math (Financial Management and
                          Intro to Math), OCS American History,
                          and Curriculum and Instruction
    Beta Club - I am also a Beta Club Adviser at West Montgomery High School.  We are committed to academic excellence, leadership, and community service.