• Preschool Programs Mission Statement

    Ensuring that young children are ready for school by providing the environment and experiences needed to promote the development of the whole child across all developmental domains. 

    Montgomery County North Carolina NC Pre-Kindergarten Program

    North Carolina Pre-Kindergarten is a state-wide initiative to provide high-quality educational experiences for at-risk four-year-olds in North Carolina. NC Pre-K is a research-proven strategy for school readiness. The program is available to children who are four years old by August 31st of the program year, will be entering kindergarten the following year, are at risk for poor school outcomes, and is free of charge. Factors that put children at risk for poor school outcomes include low income, limited English proficiency, identified disability, chronic health condition, and developmental or educational needs. Children of Active-Duty military families are also eligible. Priority is given to eligible children who have not been served in any other preschool or childcare program. Children attend a full school day, full school year program that meets high-quality state standards.

    Montgomery County Schools offers NC Pre-K at the following locations:

    • Mt. Gilead Elementary
    • Troy Elementary
    • Green Ridge Elementary
    • Candor Elementary
    • Wescare
    • Star Elementary

    The district provides:

    •  Well-educated, certified teachers with specialized training
    •  Small class size and low teacher-child ratios
    •  Comprehensive curricula
    •  Focus on the whole child and family

    Children’s experiences are based on North Carolina’s early learning standards, called Foundations. These standards incorporate the five domains of development and learning fundamental to school readiness:

    •  Approaches to learning
    •  Emotional and social development
    •  Health and physical development
    •  Language development and communication
    •  cognitive development 

    Applications for the Montgomery County NC Pre-K Program will be available each spring. Applications are also available at Page Street Elementary School by appointment. Along with your child’s application, you will need to bring the following items for the application to be considered:

    • Birth Certificate
    • Verification of Residence
    • Verification of Income (Accepted forms of income verification: W-2, Tax Return, or Copy of 2 current check stubs from parents or guardians)
    • Social Security or Medicaid Card (optional) 
    • Completed Health Assessment Form by a Physician 

    *Please note that applications are closely examined to ensure that each child placed meets the NC Pre-K Guidelines. Contact with parents is made in the summer to inform them of whether their child will qualify for the upcoming school year.  


    Contact Information

    Vance Thomas, NC Pre-K Director

    441 Page Street

    Troy, NC 27371

    Phone Number: (910) 576-6511

    Email: vance.thomas@montgomery.k12.nc.us 


    Special Education Preschool Programs

    Preschool Special Education Services are designed for children ages 3 to 5 with disabilities and in need of specially designed instruction. The goal of the program is to provide the support these children need at an early age, so that by the time they enter kindergarten, they have the support, services, and skills they need to be successful.

    Preschool Special Education Services are based on the Individualized Education Program that is written for each child. Goals and objectives are written according to an educational model. Any related services that the child receives are designed to support educational goals.

    Preschool children with disabilities are served in a variety of settings and natural environments, which may include home, childcare centers, private childcare homes, Head Start, mental health-operated programs, private preschool programs, and public school classrooms.

    If you suspect your child has a disability and may need special education services, and your child is 3–5 years of age, you may request to start the referral process. 


    Contact Information

    Hollie Ritter, Preschool Exceptional Children Services

    Montgomery County Schools/Green Ridge Elementary School

    Preschool Special Education Services

    129 McCaskill Road

    Biscoe, NC 27209

    Office – (910) 428-4196 

    Email – hollie.ritter@montgomery.k12.nc.us



    North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education

    Typical Development by Age 3

    Typical Development by Age 4

    Typical Development by Age 5