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10 Class of ’19 Graduates Will Leave with College Degree

10 Class of ’19 Graduates Will Leave with College Degree

Our partnership with Montgomery Community College helps students earn their Associate Degree alongside their high school diploma


Montgomery County Schools (MCS) is proud to announce that ten students from East Montgomery and West Montgomery are on track to graduate this year not only with their high school diploma, but with an Associate Degree from Montgomery Community College (MCC).

The ten students are Flor Jaimes Osorio, Ashley Arrolo, Cindy Vargas, Rajma Edmonds, Crystal Rodriguez, Stephanie Jaimes, Hannah Kreitz, Jaylin Rodriguez, Baylee Ellis and India Simmons.

This has been made possible through the Career and College Promise Program (CCP), a partnership between MCS and MCC that allows students to take courses at the community college FREE of charge. MCS guidance counselors and distance learning advisors work to ensure that students are properly advised on eligibility criteria, course selection and degree completion requirements.

“We are thrilled to work alongside Montgomery County Schools to provide our local students with a clear, focused and affordable path to future success,” said MCC President Chad Bledsoe. “The Career and College Promise classes are a wonderful opportunity for students to get an early start on their college career and become better prepared to enter the workforce.”

CCP courses have proven to be beneficial to students planning to enter the workforce immediately as well as those who plan to transfer to a four-year university. Due to the rigorous nature of this program, students receive dual credit, meeting high school requirements while building college-level credits, which can give them a head start on their higher education journey.

India Simmons, a senior at West Montgomery High School, is one of the 2019 graduates who plans on taking advantage of this head start. She will be graduating with her Associate Degree in Science and will attend Campbell University in the fall, where she wants to pursue a career as a Physician’s Assistant.  

“I am extremely grateful for the opportunities afforded to me through the Career and College Promise program,” Simmons said. “I feel that the demand of the program has helped me prepare for the rigorous road ahead and the dedication it required has allowed me to put myself in a great position for future success.”

Along with the academic growth CCP participants experience, participants say that the commitment required to succeed also provides the opportunity for personal growth. Rajma Edmonds, a senior at East Montgomery, says CCP has given her a solid, well-rounded foundation to build upon when pursuing her future career goals.

“This program has challenged me to find balance and resiliency in my life in and outside of the classroom, and I feel that the added responsibilities helped me mature quickly,” she said. “Because of my experience with CCP, I understand the importance and value of believing in and advocating for myself, and I have the independence and confidence to do so.”

Edmonds will be graduating in June with her high school diploma and an Associate Degree in Arts. 

Not only is CCP a great academic option, it is a great financial one, too. Through the collaborative efforts of MCS, MCC, and the Montgomery Community College Foundation, all fees, courses and books are covered, making the Montgomery County CCP program completely free for students. Based on the average UNC public university system costs, students taking CCP courses who plan to transfer to a four-year institution can save an average of $45,000 when entering college as a junior. 

And, with Montgomery Central High School on the horizon, the future of the program looks even brighter.

“The value of the CCP program and the partnership with MCC will only strengthen with the inception of Montgomery Central High School,” Superintendent Dr. Dale Ellis said. “Logistically, factors that maybe have been a deterrent for students to take CCP courses in the past will no longer be an issue due to the proximity of the two schools.”

“We are so proud of all the incredible accomplishments we have seen our students achieve through this program, and we look forward to seeing even more involvement and success as the partnership grows.”

If your student is interested in participating in the CCP program, or if you would like more information, visit