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Montgomery County Schools Announces Expanded CTE Program Offerings

Montgomery County Schools Announces Expanded CTE Program Offerings 

New hands-on learning opportunities will be available for both middle and high school students

Montgomery County Schools (MCS) is excited to announce that there will be several new Career and Technical (CTE) courses available to both middle and high school students county-wide beginning with the 2019-2020 school year.

CTE courses are designed to help students prepare for their futures right now by providing them with specific academic and technical skillsets in a hands-on learning environment. From firefighting to woodworking, MCS currently offers 10 different CTE pathways. But, with the opening of Montgomery Central High School on the horizon, our school system leaders have decided to expand this program to ensure every student can take advantage.   

“We have conducted a comprehensive needs assessment to understand not only which courses and fields of study would work well at our new central high school, but also which ones would benefit our students the most,” Wade Auman, Director of Secondary Education/CTE for MCS said. “We want to be sure that we are providing our students with every possible tool for a successful future.” 

In addition to the CTE courses already offered in MCS high schools, Montgomery Central High School will also feature the following pathways:

  • EMT
  • ProStart (Foods and Culinary) 
  • Career Management 
  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Building Trades
  • Welding
  • Mechatronics
  • Electrical 
  • Industrial Systems
  • HVAC
  • Forestry 

Like our existing CTE courses, each new offering is designed to teach students an array of knowledge and skills from beginner-level to advanced, and many come with either professional certification or college course credit opportunities.

And because we see so much value in these hands-on learning opportunities, we didn’t stop this expansion with our new high school. Starting next school year, both MCS middle schools will also offer CTE courses, an addition we are hoping will give students an even bigger head start in exploring future opportunities. 

Along with the exploratory classes currently available (Art, Chorus, Band, Physical Education, Family and Consumer Science and Project Lead the Way), the following courses will be introduced at the middle school level:

  • Auto Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Construction Trades
  • Public Safety
  • Agriculture
  • Career/Personal Skills
  • Business Marketing

Chanda Stokes, Principal of West Montgomery Middle, believes that the program expansion into the middle schools will allow MCS students to discover career interests and talents and develop future goals much earlier on in their academic career. 

“We are preparing students to be well-rounded citizens who will be able to make an informed choice about attending a four-year college, pursuing a career and technical college degree or entering the workforce,” Stokes said. “It is an exciting time to be a middle school student in Montgomery County!”

To be sure the content and skillsets taught in each new course are up-to-date and meeting industry needs, we have enlisted help from the MCS CTE Business Advisory Council. This group of local community and business leaders will assist in everything from developing course programs and curriculums to mentoring students and providing professional guidance.

Tripp Myrick, president of the council, says the CTE program won’t just benefit the students who enroll in it, but the local and global economy overall. 

“The CTE program is crucial to producing work-ready graduates for the next generation,” Myrick said. “Much of our nation has been held back from growth during the past few years due to the skilled labor shortage. But with the help of this program, graduates will be able to enter the work force with the training required to be beneficial members of their chosen industry. It’s a step in the right direction.”

For more information about the CTE courses, their curriculums, availability and potential certifications, please contact your school’s Guidance Center.