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Montgomery Central High School Sees Success in Merging of Sports Programs

Montgomery Central High School Sees Success in Merging of Sports Programs

The joining of athletes from East and West Montgomery High Schools and Montgomery County Early College comes just in time for the central high school’s opening next year

Montgomery County Schools is proud to announce that Montgomery Central High School (MCHS) has its first official athletics season under its belt. This fall, the newly formed MCHS Timberwolves competed in a number of varsity and junior varsity sports including football, cheerleading, men’s soccer, women’s tennis, cross country and volleyball, with coaches and athletes alike relishing the successes they experienced on and off the field. 

The new teams were composed of athletes from both East and West Montgomery High Schools as well as Montgomery County Early College. Once opponents, students came together to compete as one in the Rocky River 2A Conference.   

Montgomery Central Athletic Director and Head Varsity Football Coach Benjie Brown says that the transition into one athletic program started last spring, and many teams were able to hit the ground running.  

“Our first season was extremely successful, and not just because of performances on the field,” Brown said. “It has been successful because of how the relationships between the kids have grown. Working together daily towards a common goal has allowed players to become close with students they would have barely known otherwise.”

Junior Chris Hernandez is one of these players. A former East Montgomery soccer player, Hernandez is the goalkeeper and captain of Montgomery Central’s varsity men’s team. He says despite some initial concerns, this season brought his team closer than he ever imagined.  

“I think the best part of all of this was getting to know the other players as teammates—not rivals,” Hernandez said. “We didn’t know each other too well on a personal level at first, but by the end of the season we were cracking jokes and talking about video games…it’s crazy how well we get along. They are like brothers from another mother.”

Though this first season surpassed many expectations, it did not come without its challenges. From scheduling woes to complications identifying practice facilities, there were bumps along the road. But Brown said challenges were to be expected, and because of the extensive preparation done by coaches, players and athletic staff alike, many of them were able to be resolved quickly.

“When you combine two high school teams, it’s more than just bringing together players and coaching staff,” Brown said. “It’s balancing traditions. It’s combining festivities. It’s uniting different routines and habits and trying to establish common goals. And you’re trying to do all of this while also implementing things we want to establish as a new school. The change process is significant and takes time for folks to get used to.”

Hernandez says this season has come with a lot of changes and unknowns, but it’s also given him another thing: gratitude.

“I am grateful for the experience that we had and for my teammates and coaches,” he said. “It was truly a good season.”

The Montgomery Central Timberwolves will continue to compete this winter in men’s and women’s basketball, cheerleading, wrestling and swimming. In the spring, the baseball, softball, women’s soccer, men’s and women’s golf, men’s tennis and men’s and women’s track and field teams will begin their seasons and close out MCHS’s first official athletic year.