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Sports Trophy Sale FAQ

There has been a lot of interest and questions surrounding our EMHS and WMHS Sports Trophy Sale. Therefore, we generated a list of Frequently Asked Questions. 


  1. When and where will the sale take place?
  • The sale will take place on Saturday, March 28th from 9 a.m. to noon at the Joseph Reese Blair CTE Building. Trophies will be displayed in the flex lab for your viewing convenience. We encourage you to please come to the sale to view the trophies in person. Several of the trophies date back to the 1960s and the condition of individual trophies can vary significantly.


  1. Can I see the trophies before the sale date?
  • Pictures of the trophies have also been posted on Facebook.


  1. How will the bidding work?
  • Each trophy has been labeled with a number. Those with an E are East trophies and those with a W are West trophies. Please be sure to include the appropriate letter and number on your bid along with a brief description of the trophy. The bidding process will be a closed or sealed bid. Individuals will not see others’ bids. In the event of a tie, a call will be made to each bidder to make another bid, with the trophy going to the final highest bidder.


  1. I can’t make it on that Saturday. What can I do?
  • Pre-bidding through the MCS website will be available. The link to place your bid can be found under headlines on the main page. We extended this option as a courtesy to those who may not be able to make the sale on March 28th or live out of town. Again, we encourage you to please come to the sale and see the trophies in person if possible.


  1. What about memorabilia other than sports trophies?
  • The sale on March 28th is only for sports trophies. There will be another sale for band and other trophies and plaques.


  1. What do these proceeds benefit?
  • All proceeds from the sale will be reinvested into Montgomery Central Timberwolves' athletics. Athletics is another opportunity to watch our students grow. By reinvesting these funds into our athletics programs, we are encouraging our students to make their own championship traditions, just like East Montgomery and West Montgomery was able to do when they were consolidated from previous schools in 1961.


  1. Are you selling everything?
  • Displayed at Montgomery Central will be all of the previous State Championship and State Runner-Up trophies from both schools. These trophies will be proudly displayed as the focal point of the first athletic trophy case. Of course, we expect them to eventually be surrounded by the hundreds of new trophies highlighting our students’ sports achievements at Montgomery Central.


  1. Why not give the trophies away?
  • There is no fair way to give team trophies away. Trophies and memorabilia that can be traced to an individual will be given to that individual. We do not have room for hundreds of older trophies. Also, you do not see Star or Candor High School trophies at East Montgomery or Mount Gilead or Troy High School trophies at West Montgomery. We are very proud of all of the previous wins both schools have accomplished during their many athletic seasons. Those trophies will mean more to those individuals who earned them and may wish to purchase them that they will to students today. There are hundreds of trophies to commemorate past accomplishments. We hope by offering this opportunity to individuals, those who wish to have a piece of their past can do so in the fairest way possible, and also in a way that benefits our athletes today.


  1. What happens if a trophy does not sell? 
  • We will seek to donate any trophies that are not sold to appropriate local, county, and town museums.


If you have any additional questions, please contact Montgomery County Schools at 910-576-6511.