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MoVE: Homeschool Parent/Student Information

MoVE offers educational opportunities that are tailor-made for the 22nd-century learner. Staffed by a fully-licensed faculty and offering a full range of student support, MoVE allows students from all backgrounds and areas of interest, to customize their learning experience.  Best of all, it is completely FREE!


Please watch the informational video to learn more about the MoVe program:


Is MoVE right for you?  

  • Have you been previously homeschooled, but you need more support with the challenging curriculum?
  • Would you benefit from a blended schedule that provides flexibility to meet your needs?
  • Is it sometimes difficult for you to attend a traditional school? (ex. you are involved in competitive sports and travel, have a child to care for, you have an illness, etc.) 
  • Are you self-motivated, committed to academic success, and able to monitor your own progress?
  • Do you have the proper support at home to help you be successful?

Students may choose from a variety of options, including:  

  • 100% virtual learning – all classes are taken online, from anywhere, through the North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS), MCC Career and College Promise, and MCS Virtual.
  • Blended schedule – students may build a course load that meets their needs, using a mix of online classes and traditional or homeschool classes.
  • Homeschool supplement – credits from licensed NC homeschools transfer seamlessly to allow students to enroll in a minimum of two courses (either online or traditional) to supplement the classes they have already taken.
  • Long-term medical leave – students who are confined to their home or hospital may stay on track by completing their coursework online.

How does it work?

  • Students must enroll in a minimum of 2 courses per semester to be considered full-time, and a total of 3 courses to be eligible to participate in athletics.
  • MoVE can supplement the homeschool curriculum or replace it entirely.
  • Students have the choice of whether to graduate from their homeschool program or to earn a high school diploma from Montgomery County Schools.
  • Internet access is provided only at the MoVE site at Montgomery Community College.
  • MCS does not provide transportation for students enrolled in MoVE.
  • MCS offers a loaner device for accessing online classes.
  • Students and teachers communicate directly with each other through email and telephone.
  • A Distance Learning Advisor is on staff to monitor student progress, etc.

MoVE Parent/Student Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is MoVE located?

A. MoVE is located at the Montgomery County Early College on the campus of Montgomery Community College. The address is 1011 Page Street, Troy, NC 27371.  Phone: 910-898-9690

Q. Which courses does MoVE offer?

A. Students and parents will meet with the school guidance counselor to choose the classes that best fit their academic plan. MoVE students may take courses online, from anywhere, through the North Carolina Virtual Public Schools (NCVPS) and MCS Virtual.  Students may also qualify to take Career and College Promise classes from Montgomery Community College.

Q. Will MoVE students receive an MCS laptop?

A. Laptops are available for students to use at home. Since courses through NCVPS and MCS Virtual are all online, students will need to have access to the internet. Access can be from home, local library, at MoVE, etc. 

Q. Are MoVE students permitted to join school-based clubs and/or athletics?

A. Students must enroll in a minimum of 2 courses per semester to be considered full-time, and a total of 3 courses to be eligible to participate in clubs/athletics. The remaining courses may be a combination of homeschool courses (from a Registered Homeschool through the Division of Non-Public Education) and/or courses taught at the traditional school.

Q. Do MoVE students get to choose their own classes?

A. MoVE students and their parents may select a minimum of two classes based on their individual academic plan. 

Q. Do MoVE students graduate from Montgomery County Schools?

A. Students have the choice to graduate from their NC Registered Homeschool Program or from Montgomery County Schools. Students who choose to graduate from Montgomery County Schools must meet all state and local graduation requirements.  Students must declare their intent by January 1st of their graduation year.  The prospective graduate is responsible for providing records of all previously completed high school coursework in the form of an official transcript.    

Q. How long must a student be enrolled in the MoVE program?

A. Students enroll for at least one semester and after one semester, may return to their NC Registered Homeschool Program if they wish.

Q. What are the entrance requirements for MoVE?

A. All students must demonstrate the necessary course pre-requisites in order to ensure the appropriate academic placement and to access advanced placement courses.  A copy of the DNPE homeschool card, and/or a transcript is required when enrolling from a homeschool.  Students must have a history of good attendance, no discipline problems, and be on grade level at the time of enrollment.  Furthermore, it is expected that the student has his/her own email address, and that interested families have systems in place to ensure student support. 

Q. How do I enroll in MoVE?

A. Interested families will complete the online application, including ALL items on the Application Check List. Once all items are received, you will be contacted for a registration appointment with the counselor.  Only complete enrollment packets will be considered. 

The enrollment deadline is the 10th day of school each semester.  Students enrolling after the first day of class are expected to make up all assignments that were missed before enrollment.

The enrollment deadline is the 10th day of school each semester.  Students enrolling after the first day of class are expected to make up all assignments that were missed before enrollment. Current MCS students interested in applying must schedule a conference with their school’s principal to discuss their educational needs and academic options at their current school.  If the traditional school is unable to meet the students’ specific academic needs, families can choose to apply to attend MoVE. Applications are available at your school or at the district office at 441 Page Street Troy, NC.  If approved to attend, MoVE, students must maintain passing grades.  Failure to do so will result in a transfer back to your school of residence at the end of the semester.  

Q. What support is available for MoVE students?

A. The Distance Learning Advisor (DLA) is available daily in the MoVE lab at MCC on Monday – Friday between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM.  The DLA is there to assist students who are having difficulty logging into classes, or to provide a quiet place to work.  The DLA is also the first person teachers communicate with when they have concerns about student progress. 

MoVE also has a staff of certified teachers scheduled each week who offer tutoring in the areas of Math, English, Social Studies, and Science. Schedules vary so please confirm dates/times before you plan to attend.

Q. Can students finish a course before the end of the semester?

A. MoVE courses follow a set academic calendar, but students can complete their work online at any time day or night, as long as they meet their specified due dates. With an available internet connection, MoVE allows students to bring school to them, at home, or wherever they are. Depending on the course, students may be able to enroll in an additional class if they finish a class before the end of the semester.

Q. Is there an attendance requirement for MoVE students?

A. Students are required to be on campus 2-3 days the first week of school to ensure they understand how to log in and navigate through their classes. Daily attendance is not required unless a student is failing one or more of their online classes. Students are expected to sign in and complete assignments daily. The estimated time for each class is 1 to 1 ½ hours per day.  This is monitored by the online teacher, the Distance Learning Advisor, the Counselor, and the Principal. 

Additionally, students who are enrolled in courses that require a state/local exam, such as an AP Exam or End of Grade Exam (Math, Reading, and Science) or End of Course Exam (Math I, English II, and Biology) or Vocational Exam, will need to take the exam at MCEC at the end of the semester/year. Students and parents are also required to attend an open house at MCEC at the beginning of each school year. Students are required to take ALL State Tests.


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