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COVID-19 Vaccine Information for Employees

Moderna developed COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available to MCS employees. Teachers and support personnel have been identified as members of target group 1B.  The Montgomery County Health Department has completed vaccinations for Phase 1A first responders. Phase 1B-1 is beginning now for residents 75 years and older. School employees aged 50+ will follow as group 1B-2. Thereafter, school employees under 50 as group 1B-3.  In order to attain the vaccine as soon as possible, all employees will need to complete the survey provided. Returned survey respondents will be classified into cohorts of 30 to receive the vaccine. Delaying your survey response will cause you to be assigned to later target groups and cohorts. You will be notified in advance of your cohort’s scheduled vaccination time. Montgomery County Schools has offered the use of its facilities to accommodate employee vaccinations. 

For Your Information:

Q: Which COVID-19 vaccine is Montgomery County Health Department distributing to MCS employees?
A: Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine      
Q: Do I have to be a resident of Montgomery County to receive the vaccination through MCS?
A: No. We will offer the vaccination to all employees. 
Q: Will part-time employees be offered the vaccination?
A: Yes. All employees will be given the opportunity to take the vaccination.
Q: Who will be first to receive the vaccination?
A: School employees aged 50+ will be given priority. Thereafter, school employees under 50.
Q: Where do I go to receive my vaccination?
A: The location has not been identified yet. 
Q: What is the cost of the vaccine?
A: The vaccine is free of charge. There is no need to bring your insurance card. 


For additional information, please visit the Montgomery County Health Department website.