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Labels For Education

This year our goal is to collect 12,000 points, and we're asking the community to help.  If we work together, we can build better schools for our children.  Thanks to the support of the community, we now have 5336 points in our school account.

It's easy to pitch in. Simply save product UPCs from any of the following eligible Campbell products and send them to Mt. Gilead Elementary:

  • Campbell's® soups
  • Campbell's® Select Harvest® soups
  • Campbell's Supper Bakes® meal kits
  • SpaghettiOs® Pasta (Original and Meatball)
  • Campbell's® beans, gravies, and canned pasta
  • Prego® Italian sauces
  • Swanson® stocks, broths and canned poultry
  • V8® vegetable juices
  • V8 Splash® juice drinks
  • V8 Fusion® juice drinks
  • V8® soups
  • Campbell's® tomato juice
  • Pepperidge Farm® breads, cookies, and frozen products
  • Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers
  • Campbell® Foodservice products
Visit for a complete list of eligible products.

Buy one of the popular Campbell brand cookbooks and earn 125 points for Mt. Gilead Elementary School's LFE account. That is not a typo: Each cookbook is worth 125 LFE points! After you complete your purchase on the checkout page, you will be directed to another page where you can instantly credit the points you've earned to our school.

Get started now. You not only are helping out our school, but also are getting cookbooks that help you plan and prepare every meal for your family and friends.
Click on the following link if you are interested in purchasing a cookbook to help MGES......
Thank you for your support!