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John Ahrens Visits MGES

On Friday November 15, 2019 John Ahrens, the meteorologist from WSOC Channel 9 visited the 5th graders at Mt. Gilead Elementary School. Mr. Ahrens came to talk to the 5th graders about weather. Weather is one of the biggest science standards covered in 5th grade. Mr. Ahrens did a great job of keeping the kids engaged. He even had a question and answer session at the end. Before Mr. Ahrens left he shared a hidden talent of his which was playing the keyboard and singing. This was a great activator to introduce weather to our 5th graders. Thank you to Jeff Branch for getting John Ahrens to come to MGES and a big thank you to John Ahrens for taking time out of his busy schedule to come share little bit about being a meteorologist and weather with our 5th graders

John Ahrens Speaking to the Fifth Graders